5 more ways to brighten your home in winter

Here is a look at five more ways you can brighten up your home this winter.

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1. Music

You can brighten your home using different senses. Music can really boost your mood, bringing sweet, happy or laidback tunes to your house. Take care to avoid melancholy sounds.

Make a playlist on Spotify or YouTube. Imagine you are designing a room: will it be for a dance party or a chilled ambience? Use your favourite artists as the “main furniture”, then choose less familiar music for the “accent pieces”. There are few hard and fast rules, so feel free to experiment.

2. Let the sunlight in

Throw your curtains open every morning to make the most of the natural sunlight; it’s a free mood booster. Don’t put items of furniture in the way of windows. A move may increase treasured hours bathed in sunlight.

Buying casement windows from a supplier such as https://www.firmfix.co.uk/windows/casement-windows/ can brighten your home environment.

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Some more winter suggestions can be found at https://thevillagerex.com/5-ways-to-brighten-your-home-this-winter/.

3. Bring nature in

Cut flowers and indoor plants enhance even the plainest decor. Go for plants with structural or variegated leaves that introduce contrast, such as orchids, cyclamen, anthurium, the Swiss cheese plant or begonia.

4. Mirrors

Mirrors reflect natural light all around your room, making it seem lighter and larger. Metallic and glass decor pieces will reflect light, too.

Put a mirror opposite or next to a window to boost the amount of natural light thrown into a room. The larger the mirror, the better.

Mirrors are a clever way to fool the eye. They can either enhance something or deflect attention from things you want to pass over. Awkward spaces in your house, such as sloping ceilings, can be repurposed with a mirror.

5. Warmth
In addition to offering sensory pleasures, a warm home when it’s cold and wet outside can uplift all of us! Select an energy-efficient heating system and use insulation and weather-proofing to keep the cold at bay. Thermal linings for your curtains will ensure heat is kept inside.

Keep your sitting room at 64 to 70°F and other areas of your house at 61°F. If you can’t heat all your rooms, warm the sitting room during daytime and the bedroom shortly before you retire. In bed, use an electric blanket or a hot water bottle.


Vous pouvez rendre votre maison plus agréable simplement avec des stickers pour vitrage

Habillez vos surfaces vitrées avec des stickers pour vitrage

Pour vous garantir de l’intimité et du confort au quotidien, vous pouvez opter pour les stickers pour vitrage. Ce sont des accessoires parfaits pour améliorer la décoration de votre intérieur. Disponibles en plusieurs motifs et modèles différents, les stickers pour vitrage permettent d’empêcher les vis-à-vis. Ils constituent de véritables solutions pour atténuer une vue peu attrayante ou simplement décorer votre espace intérieur. Ils s’appliquent de manière assez facile à l’aide de l’eau savonneuse, pour un rendu optimal sans pli ni bulles. Le principal avantage de ces accessoires décoratifs est qu’il se réaliser sur mesure. Par conséquent, vous aurez la possibilité de personnaliser votre fenêtre en parfaite adéquation avec vos goûts.

Stickers pour vitrage : disponibles sous différents motifs

Non seulement les fenêtres sont indispensables pour éclairer votre pièce, mais aussi peuvent devenir un véritable élément de décoration à part entière dans votre maison. Vous pouvez découvrir plusieurs types de stickers que vous pouvez coller sur vos vitres et décoller comme vous le souhaitez. Vous avez ainsi la possibilité de les changer en fonction des périodes de l’année. Il existe des motifs floraux en passant par les volumes géométriques, aux oiseaux et autres. Vous pouvez aussi trouver des stickers qui donnent en effet verre dépoli afin d’adoucir la lumière sans pour autant l’occulter. Ce genre de stickers est parfait pour les grandes baies vitrées. Ils s’avèrent très utiles et peuvent éviter de se cogner. Vous aurez forcément les stickers qui s’adaptent à vos goûts et vos attentes, du fait qu’ils pourront se réaliser sur mesure. Cette option est un avantage essentiel de ces accessoires déco pour vitrage.

Les conditions d’application des stickers sur la surface de la vitre

Il existe certaines conditions d’application des stickers pour vitrage. Les surfaces qui doivent recevoir les motifs devront être lisses et propres. Ainsi, ces dernières doivent être exemptes de toutes poussières ou résidus. Il faut aussi penser à nettoyer les vitres de manière parfaite afin de faciliter la pose des stickers. En revanche, il recommandé d’appliquer ces accessoires déco sur des peintures satinées ou laquées, car l’adhérence sur les peintures mates se font moins bien. Bon à savoir : si vous ne posez pas vos stickers après l’achat, il est conseillé de les garder à plat dans un endroit propre à l’abri du soleil et de l’humidité.

Quelques astuces et conseils pour la pose des stickers pour vitrage

Vous avez déjà acheté vos stickers pour habiller votre vitrage. Sachez que la pose de ces accessoires décoratifs est assez simple. Alors, vous pouvez découvrir les astuces et conseils de pose, pour coller les stickers sur vos vitres. Il y a juste certaines étapes à suivre. Vous devez en effet nettoyer votre vitre à l’eau savonneuse en plaçant les stickers bien droits. Ensuite, vous placez un grand scotch au milieu du sticker et vous vous servez des autres scotchs comme repères. Vous aurez aussi à décoller la partie droite du sticker en découpant le papier blanc de …

Winter 2018 Flooring Trends

Winter is a time when individuals start to spend more time indoors and when we start to notice faults with our homes. If you didn’t already know, October is the busiest month for flooring companies as Google demonstrates that individuals search for flooring in October more than any other month. However, people need inspiration when purchasing flooring and that is why I thought it would be useful to suggest the most popular flooring trends entering winter 2018/2019.

One of the most popular options entering winter is engineered wood flooring. If you have no idea about what engineered flooring is then take note. Engineered flooring is constructed using a base layer of multi-ply or high-density fibres that are then topped with a solid wood wear layer. When the planks are installed, they are identical to solid wood flooring, however it is a lot more stable as it is able to cope with fluctuations in temperature and humidity. This allows engineered flooring to be installed alongside underfloor heating, making it an ideal option for winter months.

Engineered flooring is available in a variety of lengths, widths and finishes. One of the most popular colours of flooring heading into winter is grey. A grey floor is a great balance of reflecting the light that is still available as well and giving a soft and warm appearance during the long and cold nights. Grey engineered flooring will allow an abundance of character to seem through, however there are cheaper alternatives. Laminate and Vinyl flooring can also be manufactured in a grey tone; however, it is an artificial tone. Laminate and vinyl can also be installed with underfloor heating for that added warmth underfoot.

Parquet flooring is a very traditional style of floor that is making a comeback as many people have found that traditional flooring works great with modern styles. Parquet is available in herringbone or chevron styles depending on the pattern that you are wishing to create, however chevron does cost more than herringbone due to the extra manufacturing process needed to cut the edges. Parquet does look and feel amazing as a real wood product, however if your budget does not stretch that far then parquet laminate or vinyl tiles are also available at a cheaper price.

Luxury Vinyl Tiles are the new craze that is very popular around the world. When many people think of vinyl flooring as large plastic sheets that are only for your kitchen or bathroom. Luxury Vinyl Tiles, also known as LVT, are high quality thin artificial tiles that can be installed to create multiple patterns. The installation process is easy as you use adhesive to glue the tiles to the subfloor. So, if you are looking for a quick fix that is not going to break the bank then LVT are the products for you.…

Vital Residential Maintenance Duties

Home Upkeep: What You Need to Do

A functional home is a comfortable one. It’s also a beautiful one. If you want to live in a residence that leaves nothing to be desired, you have to give it a lot of attention. That means that you need to make regular maintenance work a top priority. There are many things you can do to keep your living space in fine working order day in and day out. Don’t ignore any vital home upkeep responsibilities for a second.

Roofing System Maintenance

Roofs are more important than many people grasp. The absence of a strong roofing system can make indoor spaces feel extremely uncomfortable. A weak roof can bring in immoderate amounts of sunlight. It can also lead to stubborn and unpleasant leaks. If you want to keep your home cozy and dependable all year long, you should think about hiring a company for professional roofing system maintenance.

Concrete Floor Maintenance

Concrete floors are welcome additions to countless residences all around the country. They offer many perks to households. If you want to keep your concrete floors resilient and attractive for as long as possible, you need to concentrate on rock-solid maintenance strategies. You can do so by putting staining directly on top of concrete that’s polished. Staining has the gift of superb resilience on its side. It’s not at all prone to frustrating blistering, discoloration or chipping. It can also be great for individuals who wish to minimize levels of allergens that are present inside of their homes. If you want to keep the discomfort of itchiness, sniffling and watery eyes away, you can maintain your home with concrete staining.

Plumbing System Maintenance

Maintaining a top-quality plumbing system is imperative for daily ease and peace of mind. A plumbing system that’s unpredictable can be a massive source of annoyance. It can be hard to live in a structure that’s prone to overflowing toilets, persistent clogs and leaks. If you want to keep those headaches out of your space, then you need to concentrate on routine maintenance for your plumbing system. Work with a highly regarded plumbing company that specializes in comprehensive maintenance approaches.

Electrical System Maintenance

If you want to keep electrical system breakdowns out of your life, then you should put time into regular maintenance. In-depth electrical maintenance can be amazing and helpful. It can keep the people in your household 100 percent safe. It can decrease energy expenses dramatically. It can even keep costly tools and devices in A+ condition. If you don’t ever want to have to deal with oddly flashing lights, burning smells, humming sounds and sparking, then you need to keep your electrical arrangement in tiptop condition.…

Gloves History and How to Avoid Buying a Pair of Low-quality Winter Gloves

For many years, some types of gloves, garments which cover hands by encasing every finger in leather or fabric have been to provide warmth and protection. However, they were never considered a fashion accessory until the 1500s.


During these years, famous women such as Elizabeth I of England (1533-1603) started wearing elbow length gloves as a part of formal clothing. Gloves then started becoming more and more popular and by the 1800s, they had become an important part of men’s and women’s wardrobe.

Styles grew modest as the century progressed. Dress sleeves became longer while gloves regarded a necessity for those women who dressed well became shorter. In the mid to late 1800s, women wore gloves that were wrist length long during the day even when they were inside their houses.

Because of the fact that evening dress sleeves were shorter, women had to wear longer gloves so that their arms would be covered modestly. It was unladylike for ladies to put on or remove her gloves in public. In the 19th century, gloves became an important part of men’s wardrobe and were worn at every social event.

Well-dressed men of the late 1800s never removed their gloves whether relaxing at home or dancing at a ball. Buying winter gloves can be surprisingly rewarding. Leather driving gloves and leather shooting gloves are the most popular for practical reasons. Those who fear that they may lose a finger because of cheap, inadequately lined gloves understand the euphoria of wearing gloves that keep their hands toasty warm.

Choose a brand that offers half sizes

It can be difficult to know how well a pair of gloves will fit or how it is made just by looking at it. The only way to tell whether gloves are of good quality or not is by wearing them for about a week or two. Poorly made gloves often have too much elasticity and sag on your hand.

You will have to work hard the first time you wear them and after that, they will conform to your hand after wearing them for some time. We offer half sizes in most of our gloves. We even provide quarter sizes in our unlined peccary gloves to ensure that our customers get the perfect fit.

Purchase at least two pairs so that you can alternate

Anything made of natural materials such as cashmere and leather needs rest between wears. If not, the materials will wear out faster. A good example of this is a dress shoe with a leather sole. When the leather sole is wet or damp, it will wear out faster if the wearer keeps wearing them. Therefore, it is good that a guy has a minimum of two pairs of gloves to alternate between.

Choose a lining that will fit your climate or purchase all three

A good glove wardrobe should have cashmere or wool lined gloves, unlined gloves, and fur-lined gloves. Unlined gloves are ideal for above 32F, cashmere lined ones work …

A Quick Guide to Choosing Women’s Swimwear for the Beach

When we go about choosing swimwear for the beach, it goes without saying that looks count. So, deciding whether to go for a one-piece or a Seafolly bikini for your days on the beach is mostly a matter of aesthetics. Every style you choose can either enhance your curves or in some cases, help you to hide what you consider your weak spots.

What to Consider When Choosing a Swimsuit?

Honestly, as the days get a bit longer and you start getting the smell of spring in the air, selecting a new swimsuit can easily get us in a good mood – it’s a great reminder for us that summer is just around the corner.

Women swimwear can generally be categorized into 4 key types, which are 1-piece, 2-piece, a trikini and a tankini. The trikini is a more revealing 1-piece that exposes much of your body, while a tankini is briefs and a top. When making your choice, you need to take into account the following key factors:

1. Quality

Paying careful attention to the quality of fabrics, the colour, brand, and other details will make sure your new swimsuit is actually good, besides looking good.

2. Colour

People with light-coloured skin should opt for bright colours since they enhance even the faintest of tan. For dark-skinned people, you are better off with light colours, which create an amazing contrast with your skin tone.

3. Intended Use

While this is not the most important factor for most people, it’s still good to consider it. Overall, if you intend to swim a lot, then you need a more comfortable swimsuit. If you intend to just sunbathe, then get something a bit skimpy. Well, what about those only interested in the fashion side? Simple, opt for something stunning.

4. Shape of Your Body

More like, tell me your body shape and I will tell you what kind of swimsuit to wear. What really counts when choosing swimsuits is the shape of your body. Your ideal swimwear style is somewhere out there. The only thing you need to know is how to choose it.

  • Inverted Triangle

Body Shape: Slim legs with the shoulders wider than the hips.

Ideal Swimsuit: a high cut 2-piece swimsuit with a high waist. This will make your legs look longer, and your hips look much wider.

  • Pear
    Body Shape: Unlike the inverted triangle, the hips are wider than your shoulders.

Ideal Swimsuit: a 2-piece swimsuit with a push-up or padded bra. This makes your bust look a bit bigger, and the low-waisted briefs will help make your torso appear longer.

  • Apple

Body Shape: Your feminine forms are shapely, and the waist is narrow.

Ideal Swimsuit: A One-piece with a low-cut top, which focuses on your cleavage. Skirted bottoms are a definitely great for you. If you’re wondering, a 2-piece can also work great, especially with a high waist.

  • Figure 8 or Large Hourglass

Body Shape: Extremely well-proportioned. Your hips and shoulders are the same widths, …

6 Things That Will Make Your Student Life in Cardiff Better

If you’re off to Cardiff university for the first time or you’re heading back after the summer break, you’re probably equal parts excited and nervous. Each year at university brings something different and you rarely know what to expect. However, there are ways to keep the stress levels down and the fun levels up. Here are six things that will make your student life in Cardiff better:

  • Choose accommodation that has everything you need

There’s no better way to keep yourself happy as a student in Cardiff than by finding somewhere to live that you really, really like. Having a great base to head back to after a long day of lectures is enough to put a smile on anyone’s face. Everyone is different and it’s important to find student accommodation that suits your needs. Fusion Students have taken the time to create accommodation that ticks every box; there’s even a gym, party room and cinema room!

  • Save money wherever possible

One of the biggest stresses of student life in Cardiff stems from money worries. It can be easy to overspend and waste your student loan; though this may seem like a good idea at the time, it’ll result in more stress for you. Take advantage of meal deals, student drinks prices and BOGOF deals in the local supermarket.

  • Take the time to explore the city

Cardiff is a beautiful city and it’s a popular tourist destination, so take the time to explore what’s on offer. As a student you’re sure to have a little bit more free time than most, so head to tourist attractions and cultural hotspots during the week to avoid the crowds.

  • Exercise your stresses away

Though university life is mainly fun and games, there are some stresses that come along with it. Any time you feel stressed, head out for a walk or take the time to exercise. Exercise is known to reduce stress levels and it can help you to focus on assignments. Fusion Students’ accommodation in Cardiff has a gym onsite, so you don’t even need to go outside – perfect!

  • Invite friends and family to visit

If you have friends and family that are wanting to visit you at university, invite them! Showing others around Cardiff and letting them see elements of your student life is a good way to appreciate just how great it is. Plus, it’s the perfect way to show off some of your favourite local spots.

  • Get a fun group of friends

If there’s one thing that’s great about Cardiff is that it’s the ideal place to make friends. Many people make friends for life at university, so be sure to put the time and energy into finding a group you enjoy spending time with. Fusion Students’ accommodation has a party room and games tables, both of which are the ideal places to get chatting to someone new.

Find out more about Fusion Students and the student accommodation in Cardiff by visiting the website.

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