10 Tips While Hiring or Selecting a Cargo Shipping Company in Dubai


Selecting a cargo shipping is an important decision because you are entrusting them to shift your cargo and handle your container, therefore, paying them. You should look for cargo shipping companies that are reliable, dependable, cost-effective.


If you are planning to send any cargo through any Logistics company in Dubai and you are confused about the selection of the cargo company. Don’t worry! Go through the article and get to know the tips to select the cargo company for yourself.


Confirm the Registration and Licensing


One of the ideas is to confirm that the Shipping companies in Dubai which you are selecting has the authorized license and the registration. Also, make your that if the cargo has to move internationally, does the company is registered with the country in which the cargo is delivered. If the company deals professionally and it is a reputed company then definitely it will be holding the license and will be a registered company.


Cargo Loading Services


This is important to ask the shipping companies that what cargo services they will give for your cargo. There are several loading services which these freight forwarders offer us. The most common of the loading services is the door to door service which means that service providers will ship your luggage at your doorstep with complete safety and security and that you have to be involved in the minimum of the work to receive your cargo. 


Variety of Container Capacity and Size


While selecting the cargo service for yourself, you must confirm that the container size offered for the package will be enough for your cargo. Mostly the container sizes offered by the shipping companies are 20’ or 40’. If the cargo is some time of perishable that you may need a temperature-controlled container and you must ask for it. Some vulnerable goods like furniture or glass items may need these special containers but the other items can be transmitted in the standard containers though.


The Overall Price


You should ask the freight forwarders to give you the complete breakdown of the bill before you pay for your cargo. You should know all the hidden charges that can be added after your bill without consulting you. This is because of some logistics companies who will finalize a price with you and then list some additional charges as well which may seem inconvenient for you to pay afterward. Make sure to check the prices for the overseas cargo. 


Safety Records 


Safety records are very important for any freight company. To book the cargo to any shipping company, you should go to the official website and check the safety records and the certificates of that company. If you have an international freight, it’s more important than the company that has its proper containers, reliable vessels, and proper operations. 


Safety issues can affect your shipment as well as the company’s repute. So, do not pass by the safety records. 




The shipping companies provide the insurance of the shipment of the complete journey by themselves, but to make sure your product is insured, you must ask them about the insurance policy. If, by chance, something goes wrong with the shipment so may must receive the insurance as promised. The percentage of the insurance amount may vary from company to company and also from country to country but the basic policy is the same for any shipment. 

Industrial Standards


The logistics companies follow the industrial standards for international shipping. One must check out the rules and the regulations followed by the company which you have selected to ship your goods. The company should go through the proper process to pack and ship the goods with the proper tracking and container safety with the trained team working around to transfer the goods to the international freight. A shipping company must catch the industrial standards for the reputation of the company and get more solid shipping projects for themselves. 

Cargo Tracking Tools


By the advancement of technology, the logistics companies in Dubai and other giant shipping companies are already offering the tracking facility of goods and cargo. You are given a tracking id and you can monitor the cargo throughout the delivery. Some cargo companies charge separately of the tracking facilities but the other logistics companies add the tracking entries in the overall receipt of the cargo bill. 




Holding Facilities Provided


You must ask the question regarding the timing to receive your shipment. If your shipment is on time, it’s okay, but if the shipment is late, what is the compensation. If the shipment is kept in their warehouse for some time and not picked on time then is there any fee to be paid? If the luggage has to be kept in the cold place after received to the destination warehouse, Is the refrigeration provide? These are some important questions must be cleared before booking the shipment.




Who doesn’t like discounts? You can compare the other facilities of the logistics companies in Dubai and then compare the costs. If you are flexible with the timing, you can even get more discounts on the prices or you may negotiate.


After checking on all the tips mentioned in the article, now book the best shipping company and transport your shipment with adequate assurance. 

Malika Lugar

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