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2022 Chequered Design Trends – Home Decor and Accessories Ideas

2022 Chequered design trends feature both classic and modern approach in using this pattern. A checkerboard pattern is elegant, beautiful and can easily add flair to your interior.

Chequerboard Pattern – 2022 Trends in Home Interiors

Home Decor and Accessories Ideas 2022 Chequered Design Trends


Many interior design trends come and go, but some remain popular for so long that it is hard to imagine the industry without them. The use of geometric patterns is one of those trends. The reason for the popularity of geometric shapes is that they are versatile. They can fit into any interior, regardless of style. Ovals, squares, chevron, rectangles, hexagons are not losing their popularity. The chequerboard pattern is one of the top 2022 trends in home interiors.

In the design of modern interiors, various patterns and ornaments are used. Decorative plaster, plain wall painting and panels are gaining more and more popularity. However, in the absence of ornament and patterns, the interior becomes boring. To prevent this, you need to know about decorative techniques for creating a bright and colorful interior. The chequerboard pattern is a good example of a “timeless classic” that never goes out of style and is universally combined with a variety of stylistic trends. 2022 Chequered design trends are noticeable in fashion as well – nail art, clothing, accessories and this playful pattern comes in a variety of colors and variations.

Chequered Rug – 2022 Trendy Home Decor Ideas

2022 Chequered Design Trends decor ideas floor rug


Carpets add warmth, style and visual appeal to the room. Geometric rugs are an original accent and often used as a technique that breaks a monotonous look. The chess theme has always added an element of mystery and magic to home interiors. The most popular “chess” technique is a black-and-white checkered floor, like a chessboard. It creates a new geometry, diverts the attention from any shortcomings and simply attracts the eyes of everyone who enters the room.

With this in mind, 2022 design trends feature a variety of home textiles and we see original interiors with chequered rugs. It is hardly possible to imagine a more striking contrast than the contrast of black and white. The color combination is the symbol of day and night, good and evil and it is not a surprise that chequered patterns in black and white are used in modern home decor.

Chequered Tile Floor – A Fashionable Classic in Modern Homes

Chequered Tile Floor A Fashionable Classic in Modern Homes

Chequered tile floor looks great in bathrooms, corridors, hallways as well as in kitchens, mudrooms or laundry rooms. You can create an original and trendy interior using a black and white layout in a variety of ways, and ceramic tiles are considered one of the best design tools.

One of the easiest and most effective ways to diversify the interior and make it more expressive is with a chequered tile floor. Along with the classic straight layout, which makes the floor resemble a chessboard, you can try to lay out the tiles in a diagonal way. This approach allows you to hide the flaws of the room and visually change the proportions. In spacious rooms, the floor design usually features a chequered pattern in the middle of the room and a neutral color along the perimeter.

red white chequered flooring

Classic chequered floors are in black and white and the contrasting layout of elements can serve as both a stylish interior background and an original decorative accent. However, you can choose any contrasting colors, including beige, brown, blue, gray, green, red shades. You can play with different textures and finishes as well. For example, a glossy finish gives a shiny look while matte tiles create a softer and more muted overall impression.

2022 Chequered Design Trends and Ideas for Your Home?

Chequerboard Pattern 2022 Trends in Home Interiors

2022 Chequered design trends are not limited to floors and rugs. As we mentioned, we see them in fashion and in addition the trend is noticeable in home textile and accessories. This is great for people who are not keen on major renovations, yet they want to follow the latest trends.

trendy home accessories vases

You can safely experiment not only with the general content of the space, but also with the palette, decorative accessories and home textile – all this can play a positive role in the design of the room. Posters, vases and tableware, blankets, decorative pillows and furniture upholstery – there are many ways to introduce the chequerboard pattern in the interior of your home.


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How to Incorporate Chequered Pattern in Your Home

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