April 17, 2024

Dragon Esdelsur

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4 Mistakes to Avoid in B2C Marketing for Instagram 


Instagram is a popular social media platform. Initially, it was a personal social media network, but now it has bloomed into a commercial platform for promotion. People share anything they want to share with family, friends, and random followers.

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Personal pictures, random memes, selfies, promotional content, and many other types of contents are being posted on Instagram every day. But if you have a business account on Instagram to promote your business, then the posts on Instagram by you should be different and monitored. Here are four mistakes an Instagram account holder should never do for B2C marketing.

To Post Personal Videos

Celebrity to leaders, everybody is present on Instagram nowadays. Some are already a famous person or celebrity, and some become famous through Instagram only. To post personal videos, even on business purpose accounts is a trend nowadays. Famous entrepreneurs are also into this trend. Even if they post a random holiday picture or a random hangout picture, they get a lot of appreciation and interest for it. 

But if a new entrepreneur or business account holder would have done the same thing, they would not get much response because they are not influencers or not that famous for the audience to take an interest in your personal life. You might do the same once you become famous, but before that, it could a big marketing mistake. These kinds of mistakes can create a wrong impression on the mind of customers.

Less Engagement with Followers

You are new to B2C marketing through Instagram, so, you need to interact more with your followers to increase and hold them. You are directly in competition with all those business accounts which are already famous and have a good bonding with their followers. 

To make your place between them, you require loyal followers which you can lose due to less engagement with followers. You can also get Instagram followers to presents a popular account so that you can gain more followers.

To Post Random Funny Memes

Memes are an integral part of social media. They are funny, harmless, and everyone can digest them well. Memes are so much in trend in present social media scenario that they always gain immediate reactions. This leads to an increase in follower’s engagement with the account as well. 

Many companies include memes as a part of their marketing campaign. But posting random memes is completely wrong practices for your company’s image. If you want to post any meme, it should be related to your product or designed for your product. 

Followers connect easily with memes so they would easily connect with your brand too. To post random memes could confuse or misguide followers about your company and products. 

To Post Dull and Boring Pictures of Products

Instagram is all about visual content. Visual content gets easily absorbed in human mind compared to written content. The memory of visual content lasts long in the human brain. So, posting inspiring images of your product is very important. Bright and appealing images are eye-catching. 

They can compel a follower to visit your post at least once if the pictures would be bland and irrelevant to your post. It would not be able to create a good and lasting impact on follower’s mind. In some cases, you can get real Instagram likes to boost a post on your account. But to bind a follower with your account, it is essential to leave a lasting and pleasing impact on follower’s mind. 

Above mentioned are for essential points which should be taken care of when to post on Instagram. These mistakes might look at minor errors, but they play a significant role in the achievement of a successful business account for B2C marketing.