April 23, 2024

Dragon Esdelsur

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5 Minutes Guide to Outdoor Patio Lighting

If you are looking for information on Outdoor Patio Lighting so that you can enjoy every evening and night amidst soft lamps and lights here’s a quick guide to make your selection.There are several types of outdoor patio lights; for example:

*BBQ lights – These have an adjustable head so that you can focus the light on a specific area whenever you want.

*Freestanding lights – If you’re worried that a wall mounted light won’t cover enough of your patio area, there are some freestanding lights that will also work well outdoors.

*Hanging lights- They add to the elegance and artistry to your pathway or garden. Solar Hanging lights will automatically come on at dusk and with a full charge, will run throughout most of the night.

*Lamps with globes- With these there is a compromise between light control and efficiency. You have more control, but less efficiency as some lights are wasted off the beam.

*Outdoor solar patio lighting – These can provide beautiful lighting without running up your electric bill. The old fashioned tiki torch continues to be a popular form of outdoor light.

*Patio decking lights – Generally the lights are mounted inconspicuously on deck railings and steps and around the perimeter of the deck for safety. There’s such a wide variety of brilliant low voltage deck lights and accessories to choose from, you’re really limited only by your imagination.

The first thing that you need to decide when you decide to have patio lights is for what purpose you want them. Do you want them for lighting pathways, decks or stairs for safety or do you want them to be simply soft lamps that give you enough light to see around the patio? There are a multiple of such purposes that you can research about and then decide what type of outdoor patio lighting you want.

Next you need to consider the types of lighting. You can choose between low-voltage lighting, solar lighting, deck lighting, patio lights, lanterns and Tiki torches. These serve their purpose according to their placement.

You should also dwell upon the type of activity that you will be conducting on the patio like barbecuing, gardening, swimming or just for general relaxation. Long, sturdy wooden benches can also give your patio a good feel and look.

Outdoor patio lighting allows you to spend more time outside in your garden or on your deck. So make your choice wisely.