October 1, 2023

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6 Advantages of Installing Window Films on Home Windows

Six Benefits of Home Window Film You Will Appreciate

Window film is a glass-coated device that you often find in vehicles such as cars and buses. Generally, the use of this glass layer is often used on vehicles to protect the glass from sun exposure and prevent glare while driving.

Although often used on vehicles, it turns out that the glass layer can also be used in a house, according to the layout and needs. The use of home window tinting Phoenix service for installing window film at home also has many advantages.

Meanwhile, the advantages of using glazing at home can be described as follows.

1. Can resist the sun’s heat better

The main advantage of using glazing is that it rejects heat from the sun. Because sunlight will cause radiation on the side of the glass so that the glass of the house also absorbs heat.

Therefore, the use of glazing can reduce the risk of overheating in a glasshouse, especially on the side of the bedroom window and the main room.

2. Reduce the risk of UV rays

In addition to rejecting heat, film coating is also useful for reducing the risk of UV rays entering the house. Keep in mind, UV rays tend to be very harmful to the skin, especially they will have an impact on skin cancer.

Therefore, the use of a layer of film on the glass can prevent UV exposure from entering some parts of the house.

3. Save electricity

Although there is no scientific research, some companies claim that the use of window film can reduce the use of excessive electrical power.

Because the real electricity saving is the consistency of the temperature in the room so that electronic devices such as air conditioners don’t work extra, especially when it’s hot.

4. Indirectly protect the home decoration

Keep in mind, exposure to sunlight and UV can cause home decor and wall paint to fade faster, especially if the wall paint is dominated by white accents.

Therefore, the use of glass coatings is also very useful for protecting home decorations and wall paint so that they do not fade easily.

5. Increase the safety factor of the house

Home security is a very sensitive matter for residents to provide a sense of security and comfort at home.

The use of glass coatings also serves to increase home security from the level of risk of dangerous criminals.

Because, there are several types of home glass coatings that function for security, especially their function is to reduce the risk of glass shards which are very dangerous.

6. Does not interfere with the frequency of home electronics

There are some assumptions that say if the glass layer will interfere with the use of electronics.

This is not entirely true, considering that the glass coating used is non-metallic, so it does not interfere with electronic use.