April 20, 2024

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⦁ Cleaning Service
Cleaning Service Understanding Cleaning Service is: Services given to the cleanliness of a building or other building, which is done thoroughly and thoroughly with the help of non-machine machine hygiene tools and chemicals (chemical) undertaken by an officer or nurse cleanliness (cleaner) The purpose of Cleaning Service is: Creating Hygiene, tidiness, beauty, security, and comfort in buildings or buildings done by a cleaner. Cleaner main tasks are: Maintain and maintain the cleanliness of each area, in accordance with placement, (plotting) and procedures that have been determined by superiors.
⦁ Cleanliness
Cleanliness is a human effort to nourish and its environment from all dirty and vile in order to realize and preserve a healthy and comfortable life. Hygiene is a requirement for the realization of health, and healthy is one of the factors that can give happiness. Conversely, dirty not only destroys beauty but also can cause various diseases, and pain is one of the factors that lead to suffering
Cleanliness In The World Of Health
In the world of environmental health, hospitals are very familiar with vulnerabilities to be a risky place to catch germs. The need for hospital hygiene should be prioritized, given the high number of patients, visitors and employees who allow bacteria and viruses to potentially cultivate it. One of the main priorities in maintaining general hospital hygiene is to use disinfectants for sterilization which is essential for keeping patients away from germs and other harmful substances.
Urine which is a very potential place for germs and harmful bacteria, the bathroom door leaves also have to be cleaned frequently given the bacteria from the touch of a patient’s hand that can be transmitted to other patients. Then the public bathroom, and the bathroom employees. All of the above should be well maintained to promote good health.