May 18, 2024

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7 Cleaning Hacks That Can Save Your Carpet » Residence Style

You should not underestimate the impact of a clean carpet. It contributes majorly to the overall feel of the room. And though having a clean, fluffy, and germ-free carpet can be a daunting task, maintaining it is always worth the effort. A spotless and good-looking carpet lasts longer and improves your home’s appearance. 

Looking for some carpet cleaning hacks experts and other professionals engage in to save their carpets? Here are some simple, easy-to-apply cleaning hacks to achieve the desired results.

Yes, you’re busy on weekdays, so you do your vacuuming on weekends. But has anyone ever told you weekend vacuuming might not be doing your carpet as much good as you think it does? Specks of dust gather on carpets daily. As you and every other person in the house walk on the carpet, dirt accumulates on it. 

Rather than waiting till the weekend, create time for frequent vacuuming. If daily vacuuming is not possible, choose days in the week and stick to the routine. Frequent vacuuming gets rid of dust and pathogens early, leaving your carpet looking clean and lasting longer. This is one tip that carpet cleaning Perth experts and other professionals endorse.

  • Blot Out Spots Instead Of Rubbing 

This is another smart hack to follow when cleaning your carpet. A spot may look minor and harmful until you begin to clean. Rubbing off just one spot might make things messier. Such an approach causes the spot to spread further to the root of the fiber.

Instead of rubbing, blot the spot and move from the edge of the carpet towards the center. No matter the cleaning solution you’re using, blotting will take off the stain better and leave your carpet looking like it was never stained. 

  • Remove Spills Immediately 

Substance spill is a common way carpets get stained. Once a spill occurs, your best response would be to clean it immediately. Regardless of the spilled substance, a quick removal prevents a more exhaustive cleaning process. The more time you allow the spilled substance to remain, the more difficult it becomes to remove it. 

An expert carpet cleaning Perth strategy to apply is to wipe the surface with a paper towel. This will make the cleaning easier. 

Your electric iron may be suitable for something else aside from making your clothes smooth. You can use water, white vinegar, dishwashing liquid, and a towel alongside a clothing iron to remove carpet stains such as dark juice, wine, and candle wax. 

How do you do this? First, vacuum the stained area to remove other loose dirt. Then you prepare a vinegar solution. After that, immerse a large towel to cover the stain in warm water and dampen it. Spray the vinegar over the carpet stain and palace the damp towel. Keep ironing over the damp towel until the stain goes off entirely. 

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  • Remove Nail Polish With Alcohol 

Due to the fear of alcohol bleaching their carpets, some people may find this hack outrageous. Hence, they settle for nail polish remover and other cleaning solutions to remove nail polish stains. Unfortunately, these options don’t produce the best outcomes. 

Without a doubt, alcohol can help get rid of nail polish stains without bleaching your carpet. To start, make sure the nail polish is dried. Scrape off the parts of the stain that can be removed with a blunt tool. Then, gently wipe off the remaining stain using alcohol on a piece of cloth. Keep dabbing until the nail polish completely dissolves and is absorbed into the material. 

  • Combat Oil Stains With Baking Soda 

Removing stains from the carpet can be a frustrating experience. Sometimes, dabbing the spot with hot water still doesn’t wipe off the stain. In such cases, baking soda can do the magic. To get rid of oil stains, apply the soda liberally to the stained area until it absorbs the stain. After which, you can then vacuum the carpet. At this time, you’d be left with a much lighter stain to remove. After the oil has been removed, you can dab the stain to remove it altogether. 

  • Fluff Your Carpet With Ice Cubes 

This hack works primarily on impressions left on carpets after moving heavy furniture on them. Maybe you just moved in a new furniture set or decided on a completely different arrangement; it’s common to have impressions around your carpet. With a regular ice cube, you can get your carpet back in good shape. Simply place an ice cube on the dents and allow it to melt. Afterward, dab the wet area and iron it till it dries up. At this point, you can fluff the area with your hand since they’d have become pliable. 


Cleaning carpets can be tricky; hence, you need to be consistent and careful. The slightest negligence can damage the fibers of your carpet or fade its color. However, with the hack mentioned above, you can give your carpet a sparkling look, save it from losing its face, and have it serve you for a significant period.