July 15, 2024

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7 Cool Benefits of Decorating Your Home With Canvas Prints

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Homeowners are always looking for different ways to transform their home’s look with features and decors to grab their guest’s attention. If you have the same desire to add a touch of elegance and coziness to your beautiful home, you should try sprucing up your walls. And one of the ways to do this is to use versatile canvas prints. This article will discuss the 7 excellent benefits of decorating your home with canvas prints.

Today, these wall furnishings have become a popular alternative to traditional framed photos and paintings for some justified reasons! Whether it is your favorite Vincent Van Gough or a family photo from last Christmas, we will give you seven great benefits of decorating your home with canvas prints.

But before that, let’s learn what exactly a canvas print is?

What Are Canvas Prints?

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In a canvas print, the image is either:

  • Printed directly on the canvas and then stretched onto a light wooden frame or
  • Printed on paper and then mounted onto a canvas.

People often prefer to display their canvas prints without a frame! Regardless of how they create canvas prints, it is a versatile piece of art with unique features.

Benefits of Decorating Your Home With Canvas Prints

Here are just a few reasons people choose to adorn their homes’ walls with canvas prints.

1.    Easy to Maintain

Once you have hung your canvas print on the wall, there is not much you have to do to maintain it. Cleaning these canvas prints should be a breeze for people of all ages.

Use a feather duster or a lint-free, soft cloth for your regular dusting, and dust the canvas clean. If the canvas print needs a deeper clean, you can use a warm, soapy, lint-free washcloth and clean the grimed areas gently. Never dampen the canvas print with any cleaning agent or clean it too harshly as the paint or canvas may get damaged.

2.    Good For The Environment

The most significant advantage of choosing canvas prints to beautify your home is that it is one of the most environmentally friendly mediums. Since they are made by printing photos on a fabric that is either hung as it is or wrapped on a wooden frame, it is entirely biodegradable.

This means you don’t have to worry about adding to the already overflowing landfills when you are bored of your canvas print and want to replace it with a new one. By choosing to use sustainable materials over plastic frames, you are helping save the environment.

3.    Highly Versatile

The many places in our homes where canvas prints can be exhibited as wall decor are endless: the bedroom, living room, laundry, garage, and even your bathroom.

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Have you lately been daydreaming of transforming your kitchen into something warm and welcoming? Well, canvas prints are the answer to your problem. Hang canvas prints of fruits or pottery, a family photo from the last feast, or just an old photo of your favorite chef for inspiration!

Are you a dentist? Maybe you can display tips related to dental health using both images and text. Or you are a teacher who wants an alphabet canvas to help your kindergarteners learn efficiently. The options are endless!

4.    Budget-Friendly

You can use many prints for your home’s wall decor, such as paper prints, metal, and glass. Out of all the choices, canvas prints are the most affordable. Buying prints on glass, acrylic, or metal can be very heavy on your pocket due to the costs of manufacturing their materials and bringing out the final product.

Although paper prints aren’t that expensive, the costs start accumulating when looking to frame large photos. On the contrary, a large canvas print doesn’t cost you as much as wall art of the exact dimensions in other mediums. Fancy a canvas print the size of your whole bedroom wall? No worries at all!

5.    Save Your Eyes From The Glare

Although paintings and photos look mesmerizing behind glass panels, they are often very reflective when placed in areas with lots of light. This reflection defeats the purpose when no one can view your favorite artwork without squinting.

On the other hand, canvas prints have a matte finish and do not require to be placed in a framed glass. Therefore, everyone can enjoy them in all room settings – full of light or dim lights, museums or art galleries, or even the gym!

6.    Durable And Long Lasting

Of all the materials used to create wall art, canvas prints are the most durable. If you choose to use metal to decorate your home’s walls, you should expect rusting and corrosion over time, if not soon. Furthermore, decor created with glass is also very vulnerable as it may fall due to its weight and break easily.

On the other hand, canvas prints turn your favorite prints onto fabric. They can be durable and last you long. Their durability is the main reason canvas prints choose decor in most art exhibitions and museums.

7.    Can Be Any Size You Desire

Do you have a favorite photo you want to have on your living room’s backdrop wall? Commonly people choose to have these pictures framed. But have you considered how heavy a life-sized framed photo will be? How would you even transport it from the printing press to your home?

Instead, choose to transfer your best-loved photo on a stretched canvas that can easily be transported and mounted on the whole wall due to its lightweight.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know all the incredible benefits of using canvas prints to decorate your home, what are you waiting for? Scroll through your childhood photos and get printed canvas!