April 23, 2024

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7 Ways Germans Save Money in Their Homes

The question of whether living in Germany is expensive or not is a subjective one. By this I mean, it will depend on how you personally view it. 

People moving to Germany from countries like Norway will find living here relatively cheaper while someone moving from a country with a low GDP will find living in Germany extremely expensive. 

All in all, to survive in any city in Germany you have to devise ways to save money within your home.For money transfer tips and recommendations it is better that you read feedback given by other people from De.collected.reviews.

This article shall give insights on how to save money in your house while living in Germany. Let’s have a look;

  1. Household Budgeting 

The best way to save money is by writing and sticking to a budget. 

A typical household budget in Germany should cover the cost of living in your house and other incidental expenses. 

When budgeting for your house you should remember to add in the cost of additional expenses in case of an emergency. 

For example, your tap or air conditioning may break and in need of urgent repair that may not be covered by your house insurance. 

When going out for shopping try as much as possible to stick to the budget or if you have to go over your budget, then get something like a discount to balance it out. 

  1. Recycling and reusing

Germany is a global participant and activist in environmental protection. It encourages its citizens and factories and industries to be environmentally cautious. 

One way to bring environmental protection within your home and at the same time save money is through recycling and reusing. 

Nearly every neighborhood in Germany has colour coded bins; green blue yellow brown and grey. Each colour represents the type of garbage it holds. 

There are so many things within your home that you can really use to save some extra coins.

For example you can use old containers to plant vegetables in your garden. 

By this you shall be saving the environment at the same time eating freshly grown vegetables.

  1. Gardening 

The fast food industry is taking over many developed countries. As we all know most fast foods are not good for your health.

What if I told you there was a way to stay healthy on a budget? Yes, planting a garden is the most sustainable and healthy way to live in Germany.

It will save you tons of money to grow your own small garden in your balcony or outdoor area.

  1. Eating in

Another way to save money in your home is by cooking your own meals rather than dining out in restaurants.

By choosing to cook your own meals you shall be lowering your average meal cost.

On average, eating out in Germany may cost just about 30 euros a day. That sounds like about 900 euros each month. 

On the other hand it will cost you about 450 euros per month (or even less) if you choose to cook your meals.

  1. Second-hand furniture  

Moving into an unfurnished apartment? Then you should consider getting second hand furniture. 

There are so many reasons why you should buy second hand furniture. First of all, you should be saving money because in most cases they go for discounted prices. 

Secondly, you will be getting high quality pieces of furniture that will last you for a longer time. Second hand furniture also reduces waste and is therefore eco-friendly.

  1. Rent out spare rooms

If your German flat has extra rooms that you never use, renting it out may be the better option to save some extra money. 

This can also work in reverse such that instead of finding and reaching out for an expensive flat you may choose to rent an extra room from somebody else. 

  1. Use energy efficient appliances

Energy is expensive in Germany. Every person should consider reducing the electric bills by using energy efficient appliances.

Refrigerators, dishwashers, washer and dryers, heat pumps, thermostats and everything else that consumes power should be energy efficient. 

When out shopping for such appliances they might cost a little bit more than their nan energy-efficient appliances but the cost should not scare you off because you will be saving more money in the end.


The habit of saving money is important because it will help you in the event of a financial emergency. However, do not let the saving mindset consume you to a point where you are denying yourself basic necessities.