April 24, 2024

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9 Tips for The Perfect Backyard to Relax

Although not visible from the outside, it does not mean we do not need to pay attention to the conditions of the backyard. Plant care and arrangement of furniture are still needed so that the backyard can be a place to escape on difficult days. Fatigue at work or school can be reduced when we spend a little time here. If you need expert in landscape design and installation for your backyard, you can call the landscaping Aurora, IL.

This is what must be done so that the backyard can be a small paradise in your home.

1. Make a personal angle

We need to spend time alone sometimes so we don’t get used to being dependent on others. Make a special corner in the backyard where you can sit there alone to read a book or drink coffee alone. Decorate with your favorite trinkets, comfortable patio chairs, coffee tables, and your favorite plants.

2. Decorate with plants

Choose plants that are suitable for backyard conditions and easy maintenance. If your backyard is protected from direct sunlight, choose plants of the type nuclear, monstera, or anthurium. Sansevieria/tongue-in-law is suitable for areas that get a lot of direct sunlight.

3. Use garden lights

Even small garden lights can bring a serene atmosphere in the backyard at night. Unique garden lamp shades will make a soothing backyard to be seen during the day.

4. Clean from dry leaves

Dry leaves that fall can make the wooden terrace floor so moist. Even if your patio doesn’t have wooden floors, don’t let dry leaves accumulate in the yard. After sweeping, collect the dried leaves into a large plastic bag so that it turns into a natural fertilizer for your garden.

5. Cover the ground with small stones

Small stones can be an option if you do not want to bother cutting grass in the yard. The stone also symbolizes natural elements that go together with green plants.

6. Furnish wooden furniture

Tables, chairs, or wooden decks in the backyard are exposed to air and direct sunlight at any time. Don’t forget to sand and refine wood furniture to make it more durable.

7. Stylish furniture

The backyard is interesting because the furniture arranged is also interesting. Determine the style you want to apply, then choose furniture that suits that style. Also choose vases, flowerpots, and other decorative elements to match.

8. Multicolored flowers

Colorful flowers can make the backyard more beautiful. Choose the type of flower plants that are easy to care for and flowers at any time, such as roses, orchids, or bougainvillea.

9. Free to imagine (expression)

Don’t underestimate your imagination. Often something that comes from your idea will be phenomenal. Decorate your backyard with a collection of favorite things. For example, various forms of mirrors and frames.