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A Guide to Hot Water Tank Repair and Hot Water Heater Installation

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Taking a bath regularly is a very important part of an individual’s hygiene, especially after a workout or various outdoor activities. The temperature of the water is not a problem but during the cold and rainy seasons, we need a warm bath so we must have it installed at home. When you think that something is wrong with your tanks, then we may learn from sites like https://gospnews.com/everything-about-water-heater-repair-and-hot-water-heater-installation/ for online inquiries.

We may have a tight schedule at work but we also need to make sure that our heating machines are working properly to avoid a more serious problem in the future. Let’s say that we don’t often check our water tanks but keep in mind that there could be problems that are not visible enough for you to notice. I guess, it is just right for technicians to have regular visits for maintenance purposes, especially when we don’t know how to troubleshoot this in emergency cases.

When you don’t have such tanks at home or when it needs repair, you will surely need experts to handle the situation. So as homeowners, let’s learn to be keen observers, be smart, and consider asking for professional help. This is essential in your daily lifestyle so make sure to learn how to maintain it in good condition as well.

What to do when the water is not warm enough?

The usual problem that you may encounter is when you can feel that the water running out from the shower is not warm enough. Let’s say that even after adjusting the temperature of the machine, it can’t still get hotter. When experiencing this, there are a few things that you must do before calling an expert – click this to learn why you need plumbers.

If this heater uses electricity, then check the power connection and when it is connected, you look for the reset button of the thermostat to make necessary adjustments. You may try removing sediments by flushing these and insulating the pipes, as well as replacing the heating elements. Well, that is if you know how to work on this stuff.

Those who are using gas must make sure that this is connected properly and don’t forget to check the pilot light because it has to be lit. The gas burner must be cleaned and the thermocouple should be replaced. Other things to be done go the same with the electric ones.

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Other problems homeowners may encounter

Sometimes you may hear some sizzling or hissing sound coming from the tank which means that there are sediments collected so you have to drain this. Try to scrape off the scale after soaking the heating elements in white vinegar for one hour.

If there is a leaking pressure on the valve, then this must be replaced. When leaks are coming from the pipes, you may have to adjust the fittings or replace this if the pipes are fine, otherwise, the pipe must be replaced, too – continue reading from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Piping_and_plumbing_fitting for more details.


Due to the collection of sediments, we cannot avoid corrosion so it is important to drain the tank at least two times a year and this is to improve efficiency as well. This is very important and pretty sure that you won’t miss doing this since it is not a redundant task.

You should also keep the temperature lower on the thermostat so set it to 120°F. In this way, damages due to overheating will be prevented. Thus, prolonging the shelf life of the machine.

Sometimes you should also check on the valve where pressure must be tested. Simply lift the handle and snap it back and this will start releasing liquid passing through the drainpipe. If this doesn’t work, then it is better to get a new valve installed.

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When do you need a repair?

Signs of condensations on the water heater tank may be seen occasionally and this reaction is normal because of the temperature and considering where this machine is located. However, this may lead the unit to leak so you’ll see drops of water on the side or base. This could be alarming, especially when the leak is uncontrollable so the tank must be repaired – read here for more info.

Sometimes you may notice discoloration or when the liquid looks rusty. This means that there is a problem with the pole that is inside the tank because this may rust since it is metal. You also need repair when the liquid looks cloudy and when a metallic odor is observed so you are advised to call an expert right away because this may be hazardous to your health.

You should also seek help when the water is not hot at all and when nothing is flowing from the faucet or shower. The machine may not be functioning properly or damaged. It is also possible that something is wrong with the pipes or maybe blocking it.

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Replacement and Installation Tips

You may learn to replace or install a machine, but we should let professionals do their jobs to make sure that everything is handled properly. Homeowners should just focus on the factors that must be considered when choosing a water heater tank. This includes the capacity which ranges from.40-50 gallons, dimension, Energy Efficiency Rating, and recovery rate which refers to the amount of liquid it can heat every hour.

If you have certain preferences, then I suggest you look at the nameplate for various information. You will find details, such as the serial number, model, capacity, pressure, voltage, and insulation R-value to name a few. The nameplate is commonly found on the side of the machine so you better check the information when necessary.

Before installing the water heater tank, be sure to measure the distance between the walls and machine to be more accessible because this will help them have a better look when repairing or during the maintenance. The height where the geyser will be installed must be 1.8 meters from the ground or floor so that the pressure will be sufficient and can flow well in the taps. Switches or electrical connections must be handled by experts and they should use Miniature Circuit Breakers for your safety.