April 17, 2024

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Advanced Methods of Early Detection of Lung Cancer

It is estimated that early detection of lung cancer could decrease the mortality of the disease by 14 to 20 percent, even in high-risk populations. Early detection of lung cancer is conducted by a low-dose CT screening. This is a screening method that approximately 8 million Americans qualify for today. If half of these Americans underwent this screening, reports show that as many as 12,000 deaths of lung cancer can be avoided. Learn more about advanced methods of early detection of lung cancer here.

Artificial Intelligence Screening

Low-dose CT scans of the chest are customary for screening people that are at high risk for lung cancer. This means that even people that have not been diagnosed but are in the risk categories should seek CT scans. 

Even so, it is difficult to determine sometimes from the lung scans what is and isn’t lung cancer. In many cases, clinicians have a hard time detecting differences between lung nodules and spots that might be a tumor.

A new algorithm that is based on artificial intelligence is being worked on to assess for malignancy. Researchers here predicted accurately that artificial intelligence could lead to early detection. This algorithm on CT analysis has been used in a study to examine over 16,000 nodules of lung tissue, which resulted in the diagnosis of only 1,249 malignancies.

Blood Test Follow Up

It is sometimes difficult to determine the difference between a nodule and a tumor, even using artificial intelligence. There are often false-positive CT scans that are problematic to both patients and clinicians. 

Biotechnology is stepping in to bridge the gap with a follow-up blood test. In many cases of a suspected false positive, patients are given two-year follow-up plans. That does not help with early detection. Biotech companies are developing blood testing that could assess biomarkers in the blood to complement a false positive and increase the rate of early detection.

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If you believe that you are in the high-risk category for lung cancer and would like early screening, book an appointment with lung cancer Orange County specialists, or advanced lung cancer specialists in your local area.