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Ask Danny | Ep. 16: Top 5 Simple Solutions for Bathroom Maintenance

Ask Danny | Ep. 16: Top 5 Simple Solutions for Bathroom Maintenance

This week, Today’s Homeowner Radio Show co-host Joe Truini features his Top 5 Easy Methods for the lavatory.

“Today’s Homeowner” Simple Solution host Joe Truini sprays Rain-X on his shower door to remove unsightly water spots.
A glass cleaner that consists of rain repellant will reduce water spots from showing up on shower doors. (3 Echoes Written content Studio)

H2o Place Remover for Shower Doors

Does your glass shower door have h2o spots? They’re a discomfort to get rid of, and basic cleaners simply just cannot do the task. Properly, here’s a mystery drinking water spot remover that you may well presently have with out noticing it!

No person desires to wipe their shower doorway just about every time following they use it to prevent h2o spots. And let’s be honest — who has the time for that?

Which is why it will help to have the ideal resource for frequent maintenance.

I like to use a glass cleaner with a method that includes rain repellant — like this one. (This is an affiliate url. If you purchase this solution, we will gain a little fee at no further cost to you.)

This type of solution is typically advertised for cleansing bugs and getting rid of drinking water places from car or truck windshields, but that doesn’t mean it only is effective on these surfaces! So seem in the automotive aisle if you just can’t locate the product near basic cleaners.

Now, why does this item function around basic household cleaners?

It’s for the reason that the rain-repellant components will cause h2o to bead up and repel off the shower doorway. That means your glass shower enclosure will have no h2o spots!

Here’s how it works: Merely spray the cleaner on the glass and use a towel to wipe it off — I always use a cotton microfiber towel.

Now you have an straightforward h2o place remover! Not only is the glass clear, but it also repels h2o with no spotting.

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Box of baking soda and bottle of white vinegar, seen beside a bathroom sink
Baking soda and vinegar will deodorize and thoroughly clean your sink with no harmful the tub fixture. (3 Echoes Articles Studio)

How to Clean and Deodorize Tub Sink

It’s not usually you bring baking soda and vinegar into a toilet, but you can use them to thoroughly clean and deodorize a rest room sink.

Sinks usually turn into slow-draining, and they can get clogged up with soap scum and hair. They will also generate a quite funky odor, so here’s how to get rid of that.

Start off with a single-third cup of baking soda. You really don’t have to be way too exact, but you will need to have to just take about a third of a cup or so and dump it in the drain.

Future, acquire just one total cup of vinegar. White vinegar is a really robust cleansing agent that you can use all around the home.

Following it hits the baking soda, enable it fizz down for a several minutes. Some folks could possibly use bleach right here, but bleach can essentially eat the complete suitable off of some bath fixtures, so you really don’t want to use it.

Immediately after the baking soda and vinegar have calmed down a very little bit, adhere to up with a total kettle of hot h2o. This will, in combination with the vinegar and the baking soda, minimize by means of everything that could be clogging up the sink.

If you do this therapy when a thirty day period, you are going to have a definitely sweet-smelling sink and a no cost-flowing drain.

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inside of a toilet tank showing flapper valve
Flappers have two essential positions: They provide a seal for the toilet’s flush valve and manage the quantity of water released into the bowl. (3 Echoes Written content Studio)

How to Exchange a Rest room Flapper Valve

If you have a toilet that is continuously running, the culprit is possible a leaky flapper valve. Around time, flapper valves may possibly become cracked or warped, which can make it possible for h2o to leak out.

Here’s how to swap it:

  • Switch the water off to your rest room.
  • Flush the water out so the tank is empty
  • Unhook the old flapper valve and snap on the new 1.
  • Regulate the chain to make positive the duration is right.
  • Transform the water again on and flush the toilet a pair of occasions to make confident the flapper valve is working properly.

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A selfmade scrub brush drill attachment chucked into a drill is perfect for detailing tile flooring. (3 Echoes Content material Studio)

How to Electric power-Thoroughly clean Tub Tiles

Scrub brushes function well for cleansing, but they require a ton of elbow grease. To transform a typical hand scrub brush into a electricity attachment for your drill:

  1. Minimize the take care of off a spherical scrub brush.
  2. Drill a hole in the center of the brush.
  3. Insert a 4-inch extensive device bolt in the hole from the bristle facet.
  4. Place a washer and nut on the back again aspect and tighten it up.
  5. Chuck the bolt into a drill.
  6. Run the drill at medium pace when applying the scrub brush attachment.

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Using vinegar to clean a clogged showerhead.
Use vinegar and a plastic bag to thoroughly clean a clogged showerhead. (3 Echoes Content material Studio)

How to Clear a Clogged Showerhead

Showerhead spray nozzles can come to be clogged more than time with mineral deposits found in tap water.

To clean up a showerhead so it sprays uniformly:

  • Location a plastic bag filled with white distilled vinegar more than the showerhead.
  • Attach a twist tie close to the showerhead arm to maintain the bag in put.
  • Let the showerhead to soak in the vinegar for one particular to two times.
  • Take out the bag and turn the showerhead on whole drive.

If the nozzles are however clogged, repeat the soaking method until distinct.

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