Following a successful launch in Melbourne in 2019 with $1.8 million worth of sales, the world’s biggest art fair organiser Affordable Art Fair is set to make its debut in Sydney from 2-to-5 June 2022. Showcasing 35 Australian and international galleries, the event will feature thousands of artworks from both emerging and established artists in the brand new Winx Stand at Royal Randwick Racecourse.

Connecting trusted galleries with avid art lovers, the Fair aims to demystify the conventional art buying experience, welcoming galleries and visible pricing, so there are no surprises. Art aficionados will be able to browse and buy artworks from just $100 up to $10,000, have their prized pieces wrapped onsite, and discover something new each day with all works rotated as they sell. With thousands of paintings, prints and sculptures, there will be something to suit every taste, space and spend.

“Our unwavering mission is to inspire

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Damon Hill has warned Red Bull and Ferrari that Mercedes are back in the title fight after an encouraging performance in the Spanish Grand Prix.

After a tumultuous start to the season, Mercedes seemed to have turned their season around with a podium for George Russell and a tremendous drive from Lewis Hamilton that saw him rise from the near the back of the grid to P5 following an opening-lap collision with Kevin Magnussen.

It comes after some much-needed upgrades were installed to the W13 as the team finally seem to have solved the porpoising issues which have so far hampered their season.

They still remain behind Red Bull and Ferrari both in terms of pace and points but there are signs that they could still become a major player in this year’s title fight.

That was the message coming from 1996 World Champion Hill who warned the two teams

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(BPT) – Your dog is a part of your family and that means their health and wellbeing, including preventing parasitic diseases like Lyme and heartworm, is a priority. Lyme disease is one of the most common tick-borne illnesses transmitted to dogs, and data shows that it is a growing threat to dogs in the United States.1 In 2021, one in 20 dogs tested across the United States was positive for Lyme infection.2

This staggering statistic can give any dog owner pause. It’s important to learn more about the dangers of Lyme disease to ensure you’re doing all that you can to take the best care of your pup.

How do dogs get Lyme disease?

Lyme disease is passed to both humans and animals by a small black-legged deer tick infected with the bacteria, Borrelia burgdorferi. Deer ticks are found in forests or wooded areas, grassy fields and

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It’s our hope that these Sunday Link Up posts are a little reprieve in your weekend. However, with the 6, yes 6 mass shootings that happened in the US this past week, we need to be highly aware that while reprives are important for mental health, we can’t become desensitized. We know explicitly that the Buffalo shooting was a direct result of racism and white supremacy and the Orange county shooting was also a hate crime. One shooting in Texas was at a flea market and reportedly was due to a “fight between two groups of people.” While these issues go far deeper than our government and its laws, remember that midterms are coming up. Using our voices and votes is such an important and actionable way to get people elected that can actually make some tangible changes. It’s easy to feel helpless but it’s harder to lose someone you

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Feelz, a three-song EP originally released by Lil Peep back in 2015, is now available on all major streaming services.

In a statement shared to Instagram on Friday, the EP’s history—which dates back to the very early days of 2015 following Peep’s return from an influential trip to Pasadena—was detailed.

“By mid-March, he had asked for and gotten the only two things he needed to make music on his own, using his laptop in his bedroom: a condenser mic and a pair of beats headphones. It was soon after that when Gus made Feelz,” the statement reads.

Listen to Feelz via the streamer of your choice here. The EP’s re-release was further commemorated with the sharing of an official video (see above) for its title track. As revealed in Friday’s statement, footage was also captured for the track “Life,” although such footage was ultimately “never

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