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Best Floor Drill Press for Woodworking

The floor drill press is powerful and important equipment that can handle many big projects. It has made drilling a lot easier job. Choosing a drill press for the home is a difficult job.

If you are in search of the best floor drill press for woodworking then congratulations you have arrived on the right page.

The handheld drill is used to do holes on the wood especially for repairing or construction. On the other hand, the woodworking drill press is used for drilling into very hard objects like metal. It is essential in making large holes and it gives you a larger value of accuracy.

It’s all because the floor drill presses are more precise than tabletop drill presses. The most likeable feature of floor drill presses is to manage high-scale projects without any difficulty.

Not all the presses are the same; they vary in power, speed, design, and price. Question is:

What is your ideal type of floor drill press?

I spent many sleepless nights and countless hours testing drill presses. I have picked the 8 best floor drill presses based on important key factors. Selecting the best model in such a huge market can be a hectic task but don’t take tension because I would help you as much as I can.

It doesn’t matter that you are a beginner who needs something inexpensive or a professional who wants something advanced. I have selected every kind of drill press for every person. The rest is your choice.

Without taking your much time, let’s start the article:

Table of Contents

1. JET JDP-20MF 20 Drill Press – Best Value

My top pick is The JET 354170. It is a powerful machine that is used by many woodworkers and professionals.

The jet company promised to make durable equipment for home construction. Just like all its other tools, floor drill presses are also made efficiently to provide you better drilling experience.

You would be surprised to know its fantastic features.

Key Features:

High-Quality Material:

Jet 354170 drill press is constructed with high-quality material like solid metal. Its quality allows you to do your work freely without any fear of accident.

Large Surface Area:

This 20-inch floor drill press lets you drill on a large surface area so you can put any kind of metal on its worktable.

Powerful motor:

Is its motor precise enough?

The more powerful the motor is, the easier it is to drill. The exceptional motor works with 1.5 horsepower. It helps you to drill through any kind of material whether it is metal, plastic, or wood. The holes are also drilled properly and precisely. Amazing!

Variable Speed Option:

In addition to this, you can also change its speed. It comes with 12 speeds that start from 150 to 4,200 RPM. The variable speed feature makes the drilling more accurate. Use high speed to work on soft surfaces while lower speed works well for hard materials.

Adjustable Height:

I love its comfy mode. You can also set this DP into variable heights. Processing a large product would not be difficult. Also, the Tilting capacity of the worktable lets you rotate 45 degrees in either direction. In this way; it provides an easy approach to the item.

Built-in Bulb:

I love its comfy mode. You can also set this DP into variable heights. Processing a large product would not be difficult. Also, the Tilting capacity of the worktable lets you rotate 45 degrees in either direction. In this way; it provides an easy approach to the item.

What users had to say about JET JDP-20MF Drill Press:

“I just put it together and checked every nut and bolt to make sure things were tight. I could not find a loose part as I did on my previous Drill Press.”

Product Specifications

Brand Jet
Product Dimension 18.5 x 31.5 x 66 inches
Weight 282 pounds
Speed 4200 RPM
Voltage 115V
Horsepower 1.5
Warranty 2 years

JET JDP-20MF 20 Drill Press

Improves your Drilling Performance

Powerful Machine

Best Practices To Follow

  • Built-in bulb
  • Powerful motor
  • Comes with 12-speed settings
  • Large worktable

Keep In Mind:

2. WEN 4208T Speed Benchtop Drill Press – Editor’s Choice

My favorite brand is WEN. What could be more exciting than buying a high-quality drill press at an affordable price?

The WEN 4208 is a well-known model and has an impressive rating. It is the lightest and smallest as compared to its other models. The WEN 4208 is compatible with soft metals and wood. It does not produce enough torque to drill through very thick material.

Key Features:

Variable Speed Option:

It also comes with variable speed options but it has only five speeds i.e. 740, 1100, 1530, 2100, 3140 RPM. The lowest RPM is used to drill through soft metals but it should be less thick than 1\2 inches. It is an ideal choice for woodworkers.


Talking about its construction, it includes a chuck with 1|2 inches size and put a chuck key in key storage. Thick cast iron is used in the construction of the table and base. It provides stability and reduces vibration while drilling. It gives great quality at such a reasonable price.

Convenient Work Table:

Remember the work table that we mentioned before?

We can adjust the worktable in terms of angle and height both. You can easily rotate at 45 degrees so the process of drilling is accurate.

User Friendly:

Thanks to the manufacturer for making it user-friendly. It works a lot easier even for beginners.

What users had to say about WEN Benchtop Drill Press:

“It is a great option if you are looking for an economical drill press. I am impressed by its quality. It is a lightweight unit with all necessary features”

Product Specifications

Brand WEN
Product Dimension 7.5 x 22.88 x 11 inches
Weight 31 pounds
Power source AC
Voltage  120 V
Number of speeds: 5
Warranty 2 years



WEN 4208T Benchtop Drill Press

Multiple Speed Options with Accuracy

Reasonable Price

Best Practices To Follow

  • Variable speed and reasonable price
  • Adjustable worktable
  • User friendly and high quality

Keep In Mind:

  • Not ideal for the heavy-duty task

3. JET J-2500 Drill Press 115V – Amazon’s Choice

As you are already well aware of the JET brand then you know about its popularity and high-level quality. It is the top choice company of many people and no doubt it has earned its value after a lot of hard work.

Key Features:

Weight and Size:

Jet J -2500 comes with the dimensions of ‎54 x 20 x 10.5 inches and its weight is 167 pounds. The worktable is quite large and has dimensions of11.5″ x 11.5″. You can also adjust it at 45 degrees from both sides. A large surface area makes your work easier.

Large Ground Steel:

What makes it stable?

The ground column is specially manufactured to give it support and stability. It also prevents vibration when its speed is high. This ground column is made from steel.

Ball-bearing Spindle:

The ball-bearing spindle helps in the movement of the floor drill press. It would give you great precision.

16 Variable Speeds:

This model has 16 speeds ranging from 200 RPM to 3,630 RPM. It is quite impressive. It means that you can easily drill through hard metals. The motor has 3/4 peak horsepower which is effective for many materials. It maintains its high performance.

But one down point is that the motor is quite noisy so I advise you to use hearing protection while drilling. As you know, nothing is more important than health.


The flexibility capacity of this floor-mounted drill press is ½” on mild steel and 5/8” on cast iron. It ensures you drill a variety of materials.


The company also offers you 2 years warranty. No need to worry about bad quality.

What users had to say about JET J-2500 Drill Press:

“It took less than one hour in assembly. I am very happy with it as I have drilled different metal components with it and it didn’t show any problem.”

Product Specifications

Brand JET
Product Dimension 54 x 20 x 10.5 inches
Weight 167 pounds
Power 0.75 Horsepower
Voltage 115 V
Speed: 200 TO 3,630 RPM
Warranty 2 years



JET J-2500 15 Drill Press 115V

Lubricated Ball Bearings Increase its Durability

Amazon’s Choice

Best Practices To Follow

  • Easier to use
  • Variable speed control
  • No vibration
  • Permanently lubricated ball bearing spindle for durability

Keep In Mind:

4. Shop Fox W1667 Inch Bench Top Oscillating – Best Value

Looking for a trendy and versatile drill press? Then Shop Fox W1667 is the best option for you. Shop Fox proved its value in a very short time. Its quality and impressive design is the reason behind its popularity.

Key Features:

Sanding Spindle:

The best thing about it is that it comes with a sanding spindle. This spindle gives accurate results because it drills through holes precisely. Not just for drilling purposes but also helps in the sanding process. It is one of the best benchtop drill presses.

It is amazing!

Paddle Switch:

Additionally, it ensures an extra layer of safety. It has a paddle switch that helps you to locate the switch. Easy access to switch lowers the chances of accidents like fumbling. You can also turn off and on this floor-standing drill press without any difficulty.

Tilting Table:

Its table can also tilt at 90 degrees so you can easily drill through big items. It can process at different angles on the sand surface. The motor has 1/2 horsepower which is enough for thick metals.

Dust Port:

Is this oscillating drill press easier to clean?

Yeah, Dust port makes your DP neat and clean. You can connect this port to a dust collector so it will collect all the dust efficiently.

Variable Speed Option:

Other than that it has 5 variable speed options that range from 620-3100RPM. It makes it suitable for woodworking.

What users had to say about Shop Fox Inch Bench

“It has very impressive features. You can use this drill press easily. The padded switch prevents accidents.”

Product Specifications

Brand Shop Fox
Product Dimension 10.5 x 18 x 13.7 inches
Weight 1/2-horsepower
Power 49 pounds
Voltage 110 Volts
Drill chuck 1/64″ – 1/2″
Table swing 360 degree

Shop Fox W1667 Inch -Top Oscillating Drill Press

Shop Fox W1667 Inch-Top Oscillating Drill Press

Most Versatile

Best Practices To Follow

  • Accurate drilling with this power tool
  • Heavy-duty built quality
  • Dust collection port for cleaning
  • Sanding device and a drilling device

Keep In Mind:

5. Shop Fox W1848 Oscillating Floor Drill Press – Sanding purpose

Here is another model from Shop Fox. The company is skilled in making great tools. Let’s have a look at its topmost features:

Key Features:

Convenient Work Table:

You can tilt your table at 90 degrees from both sides. In this way, you can drill your material at different angles. Surely it would be comfortable for beginners.

Used as Sanding tool::

Like W1667, this oscillating drill press also works as a sanding tool. So, you can use your drill press for both purposes. You just have to perform some steps for this. This feature helps to reduce heat and allows you a better experience while sanding. It just takes a few seconds to convert into a sanding tool.

What could be more interesting than that?

Different Speeds:

Its motor comes with 12 different speeds that start from 250RPM and end at 3050RPM. This drill press model has a large worktable that comes with a diameter of 12-3/8” and a swing capacity of 13-1/4”.


The design of this drill press proves to be easier for users since the powerful shaft maintains its balance and accuracy while drilling.

Dust Port:

In addition to this, it features a dust port that keeps your working place neat and clean. Make sure to clean the DP regularly. It is quite expensive but ensures its high quality.

What users had to say about Fox Oscillating Floor Drill Press:

“It is a big drill press and arrived in very good packaging. I’ve already used the sanding option and it worked perfectly. It was easy to assemble. This was a gift from my father.”

Product Specifications

Brand Shop Fox
Product Dimension 24 x 15 x 63 inches
Weight 122 pounds
Style Floor
Voltage 110 Volts
Dust Port 2
Chuck size 16 millimeters

Shop Fox W1848 Oscillating Floor Drill Press

Larger Work Table Helps to Drill in all Angles

Easy Design

Best Practices To Follow

  • Two-year warranty and durable
  • Amazing motor power and versatile design
  • Process as drilling and sanding tool
  • Adjustable table and 12 speeds setting

Keep In Mind:

6. Sunex Speed Floor Drill Press – Convenient Belt Tension Lever

Sunnex is a global company. Their purpose is to make the supreme quality of instruments and provide the best customers service.

Let’s have a look at its features:

Key Features:

16 Speeds option:

Like Jet floor drill press, Sunnex 5000A comes with 16 speeds from 200 and 3,850 RPM. It is effective to drill through thick materials. It is recommended to use the slow speed for thick materials.

Convenient Belt Tension Lever:

One of the most highlighted features of this drill press is the convenient belt tension lever. It helps in quick speed transition. It allows the woodworkers to complete their work as quickly as possible.

Powerful motor:

Besides this, this cheap drill press has a heavy-duty motor that has the power of ¾ HP. So, it can easily process through hard metals.

Tilting Table:

You can also adjust its working table at 360 degrees while pivoting up to 45 degrees. The more convenient would be the work, the more quickly it would be done. The table is constructed with iron which makes it long-lasting.

Beginner Friendly Design and Lightweight:

Due to its versatile design, it also works great for newbies. Thanks to the manufacturer for making it lightweight. In this way, you can assemble and transport it easily.



The company provides a two-year warranty. You can return it if you don’t like it.

What users had to say about SunexSpeed Floor UL/CSA:

“I just received it today; it is very easy to use and effective.  Installation assembly instructions are brief and insufficient. I can also adjust its height so it made my work easier. I would love to buy again.”

Product Specifications

Brand Sunnex
Product Dimension 45.13 x 18.5 x 10.88 inches
Weight 138 pounds
Power ¾ HP
Voltage 115 V
Power Source Corded Electric
Chuck size 13 millimeters

Sunex 5000A 16-Speed Floor Drill Press

Lightweight and User Friendly Design

Adjustable Height

Best Practices To Follow

  • Quick speed transition
  • Beginner friendly and durable
  • Lightweight and versatile design
  • Powerful motor and easy to use

Keep In Mind:

7. WEN Variable Speed – Best Budget Drill Press

Looking for something affordable and durable?

Then WEN 4214 is the best option for you. This benchtop model is ideal for skilled homeowners. It was released in 2014. It has many outstanding features that you are going to love it.

Key Features:

Powerful Motor:

Of course, it comes with a powerful motor of 2/3 HP. It is suitable enough to drill through anything from thin wood to thick metal sheets. It will make perfect and smooth holes.

Variable Speed Option:

The speed is another crucial factor in the floor drill press for sale. It delivers different speeds from 580 to 3200RPMS. It specifically allows you to work through wide materials. High speed is comfortable for materials like wood. You should go with low speed for hard metals. You also don’t have to readjust the speed again and again. Amazing!

Throat Depth:

If your drill press size is small then you can’t drill larger materials. This benchtop drill press comes with a throat depth of 12 inches. It is enough for most of the materials.

High-Quality Material:

Its construction quality makes it long-lasting. It is mostly constructed from high-quality metal which ensures its durability.

Tilting WorkTable::

Talking about its angle, you can tilt your worktable at 45 degrees from left and 45 degrees from right. Once it is adjusted, its position is locked.

The table base is made up of iron which provides stability while drilling any material

Built-in Worklight:

On the other hand, this drill press is built with a work light. It provides you visibility and great precision even in dark conditions.

What users had to say about Variable Speed Drill Press:

“I like the work light. It’s bright enough to do a great job of lighting up the work area without causing unnecessary glare. Compared to its price, it has all the necessary features and works well for a wide range of materials. It is one of the best drill presses for the money.”

Product Specifications

Brand Wen
Product Dimension 13.5 x 36.63 x 16.75 inches
Weight 89.1 pounds
Speed 580 to 3200 RPM
Voltage 120 V
Power Source Corded Electric
Height 36-1/2 Inches

WEN 4214 12-Inch Variable Speed Drill Press

High Quality Material is Used in Its Construction

Benchtop Model

Best Practices To Follow

  • Two years of warranty
  • 5/8” chuck for more drill bit versatility
  • Offers similar power and torque
  • Adjustable speed setting options
  • X-pattern Laser for more accuracy

Keep In Mind:

  • Difficulty in drilling through steel

8. Powermatic PM2800B Drill Press – Variable Speed Dialer

It is one of the best floor model drill presses for commercial use. It provides everything that you desire in your drill press.

Key Features:

Variable Speed Dialer:

The best thing about it is that you don’t have to change its speed again and again with the belt. It is quite annoying to change the belt for changing its speed range. This Powermatic drill press has the feature of a variable speed dialer so you can easily switch the speed. Its speed ranges from 250 to 3,000 RPM.

Isn’t it comfortable!

Digital LED Screen:

In addition to this, it also features a digital LED screen that will show the speed range. Whatever speed you would select, it would be displayed on the screen. This will help you to drill the holes accurately.

Work light Feature:

Alongside, it also comes with work lights that will enlighten your worktable.  You can also even continue your work at night. The table can rotate up to 90 degrees ensuring you work at different angles. The motor has the power of 1 Hp.

Durability and Stability:

It is made with high-quality material. The cast iron is used in its construction which makes it stable and a safety key that prevents the drill press to start accidentally.


Although it is an expensive drill press as you know you get what you pay. The company also offers a warranty of 5 years. It is among the best industrial drill presses.

What users had to say about Powermatic Drill Press, 1 HP :

“The two work lights are perfect with no shadows. The speed control is so easy to use than changing the belt and it works with pinpoint accuracy. It is quite heavy and will take 2 people to lift in place”

Product Specifications

Brand Powermatic
Product Dimension 58 x 26 x 15 inches
Weight 246 Pounds
Speed 580 to 3200 RPM
Voltage 115 V
Power Source Corded Electric
Motor Power 1 HP

Powermatic PM2800B 18-Inch Drill Press

Industrial Drill Press with Variable Speed

Digital Display Screen

Best Practices To Follow

  • This 1 hp drill press offers a 5-year warranty
  • Variable speed mechanism
  • LED lights for enhanced visibility
  • Best suited for commercial use

Keep In Mind:

Buying Guides Of Best Floor Drill Press

I can imagine how difficult it is for you to choose a floor drill press. There are many features that you have to look at before buying. There is no need to worry because this guide will make your decision easier.

Here are the things that you have to consider before buying:


Firstly, power is something that is referred to as the force of the motor. It is measured in horsepower.  Not all the drill presses provide enough power to the motor. The more its horsepower, the more it will be capable to drill through thick materials. If you need to drill through hard metals then you should go with power greater than ¾ HP.

Despite that, if you want to process through soft materials then buy a moderately powerful drill press. It is because it would be a waste of money to buy something that you don’t need.

Work Table:

You surely don’t want your drilling material to fall, right?

For this, your worktable should be large enough to deal with thick workpieces. It makes your work easier and more accurate.

Talking about the table design, check whether your table tilts or not. A tilting table is a major factor; it ensures you drill holes at different angles. Some tables can tilt up to 45 degrees and others can tilt up to 90 degrees.  It gives you the freedom to drill. Only a few tables can tilt from both left and right.

Also, make sure that the table rotates. In this way, you can approach your drilling material easily.

Wide Speed Range:

Powerful drill press for sale has variable speed option. A DP should have at least 10 different speeds. A wide speed range allows you to drill different thick metals. It does all depends upon your needs.

Thick materials need more power to drill so low speed is good for them. Fast speed works well for wood.  If you are not a professional worker then a smaller speed range drill press is not bad for you. The price increases as the speed range increases. So, think carefully about what you want!

Extra Features:

Powerful drill press for sale has variable speed option. A DP should have at least 10 different speeds. A wide speed range allows you to drill different thick metals. It does all depends upon your needs.

Thick materials need more power to drill so low speed is good for them. Fast speed works well for wood.  If you are not a professional worker then a smaller speed range drill press is not bad for you. The price increases as the speed range increases. So, think carefully about what you want!

Online Reviews and Warranty:

Every person has a different experience so read what the majority of people say about the drill press that you like. They will not misguide you.

Besides that, makes sure that the company offers a warranty. Some brands offer a 2-year warranty and even brand like Powermatic provides a 5-year warranty.

Just keep these important factors in your mind and make a decision.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you use a drill press for?

A drill press is used for drilling different kinds of materials like wood, metals. It is also used to drill holes.

What should I look for in a floor drill press?

Before buying, make sure that your floor drill press comes with a powerful motor, variable speed options, durable and tilting worktable, work light, and warranty.

How do you secure a drill press to the floor?

Drill presses are not lightweight. To secure a drill press to the floor, use a stout lag bolt and anchor with adequate washers.

What are the 5 safety rules for a drill press?

  • Clear everything from the table before starting the machine except drilling material.
  • Wear hearing protection and safety glasses while drilling.
  • Never use your hand or fingers to stop the rotation of the chuck.
  • Don’t touch the drill bit and shavings immediately after drilling as they are hot.
  • Use a clamp to securely fasten the stock to the drill press table.

How do I use a drill doctor 750x?

First of all, insert a drill bit into the chuck and the chuck into the alignment port. After selecting an angle, insert the chuck into the sharpening port. In the end, turn it on and sharpen.

Do I need a variable speed drill press?

Variable speed drill press gives the freedom to drill different thick metals. So, you can work on a wide range of projects.

How deep can a drill press go?

A drill press can go five or six inches downward. Different drill presses have variable depths.

What does the 8 mean on a drill press?

It means that a drill press is 4 inches from the support column to the center of the chuck.

Our Verdict

The main goal of this article is to help you to spend money on a better floor drill press. I have reviewed the 8 best floor drill presses from the high value of money to budget-friendly. I hope that it would be easier for you to choose the right option.

JET 354170 drill press comes with high-level features but it is quite expensive. On the other hand, WEN 4214 is a budget-friendly drill press. Shop Fox W1667 and W1848 drill presses can also use for sanding purposes.

The final decision is yours because you only know what exact features you want in your drill press. With that, I am going to end this guide here and wish you good luck.