Do you want to surprise someone with a birthday present by mail? Send something other than flowers and surprise the birthday boy with a cake through the letterbox! Fun and sustainable if you choose our cakes. Are you going for the classic apple pie or chic madeleines?

  1.  Prepare sweets for your birthday with your friends!
  2. Unleash your imagination and make beautiful masterpieces!
  3. Parents always want to surprise and dazzle their children with something special.

Why give a birthday present?

The reasons for such a gesture can be innumerable, including the following:

·        A gift is an occasion of joy for both the recipient and the giver. You wish to see the other person’s eyes shining with happiness when you send online birthday gifts.

·        You want to show that you care about the person in question, to show your feelings of love, friendship, or collegiality;

·        Most of the time, you want to pleasantly surprise, to make the event a memorable moment for the other.

What gift can be sent as mail?

A box of chocolates is bought, and instead of one candy (for example, the central one), a small surprise wrapped in foil is placed. It can be a piece of jewelry (ring, chain, etc.), or it can be something more interesting. For example, you can glue a long strip of paper, write a heartfelt congratulation on it, roll it into a roll, wrap it in foil, and put it instead of candy. Surprise? Surprise ??!

Send the cake by post.

With a cake through the letterbox, you surprise the birthday boy/girl in a fun and original way. Whether the birthday boy or girl likes classic apple pie or French madeleines, the cake is always a party. Your letterbox cake will be packed securely in a cheerful and durable box. That way, it arrives very and festive. Didn’t you think that cake would fit through the letterbox?

Sustainable birthday cake by mail

The cake is tasty, but it tastes even better when you know it’s made from fruit that would otherwise be chosen. Don’t worry; there are no rotten apples on the cake 😉All cakes and pastries are full of fruit that is just not the right shape or size for the supermarket. Fortunately, we are not that strict. It tastes just as good, and that is how we save a piece of mother nature.

Cake through the letterbox + a handwritten card

Upgrade your letterbox gift with a handwritten birthday card. Come up with a personal message and pass it on to us. The card is then handwritten by our experts, which consists of people with such a background. We have experts who can easily convey your feelings and intentions through that letterbox and unique designs.

Men’s birthday gift ideas

It seems easier to be satisfied, but things are not really like that. Finding the right gift for a man sometimes becomes a real hassle, resulting in a good run or many days lost on the internet to find exactly what he wants. In general, such a gift must take into account:

·        Age;

·        Hobbies;

·        Profession;

·        Studies;

·        Physical characteristics.

Women’s birthday gift ideas

Women love gifts and are extremely happy when they receive them, especially when it comes to their birthday when they expect from those around them something more than a simple “Happy Birthday!” or a bouquet. Hard enough to impress, always eager to receive fashionable, valuable objects, ladies and gentlemen are people who want something more consistent, a symbol of feelings even, to be as beautifully packaged as possible.

Something different than flowers for once

If you want to send something different than a bunch of flowers with a piece of chocolate, we got you covered. Don’t get it wrong; flowers are very cheerful. But with cake in the letterbox, the surprise is even greater. And tastier! Love goes through the stomach, they say, right? 😉

Best friend’s birthday present

The best friend always has a special place in everyone’s heart, and gifts for him are hard to find at first sight. All you have to do is consider his passions, desires, needs, which he expresses very often, and gift ideas will start to flow relentlessly:

·        trendy clothing;

·        game console;

·        camera;

·        elegant hat;

·        a fine drink


An important day for the family will be a stress- and problem-free children’s program, reconsidered by both the birthday and the parents as an authentic experience and a lasting memory. We believe we can help from the beginning by organizing a real birthday party or a children’s program to the final steps! We take the burden of organizing, decorating, baking, and cooking off your shoulders, so all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the self-forgetful happiness of your loved ones.

Malika Lugar

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