April 20, 2024

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Careers of the Future: Professions of Tomorrow

Medical marketer, molecular nutritionist, recycling ecologist, Arctic navigation specialist, and virtual world designer – all these words are not futuristic blockbuster terms, but quite real professions in the near future.

In the early 2000s, we didn’t hear words like headhunter, social network manager, SEO optimizer, and other. However, now they are one of the most necessary professionals, without whom no business can live.

And again, just like 20 years ago, we hear new, almost fantastic words and specialties, but we do not yet fully understand the necessary set of skills, without which you will become neither a specialist in a new profession nor just a professional who will know that will do his job from A to Z and he will have a really high salary. 

Set of professional qualities

In the next 15-20 years the world will need completely new specialists, who will not only have a good knowledge of their field but also have a cross-sectoral specialization.

We are often listen parents and children who are tasked with deciding their future profession. However, very often they cannot clearly choose a single direction.

Today’s kids are learning a lot of extra skills, working almost without days off. They need to focus not on one profession, but to consider several and choose a specialization at the crossroads of industries, because that is the future.

Cross-industry specialization

The point is that a specialist will need to have a set of skills and knowledge that will enable them to find work at the crossroads of industries.

For example, if a person has a medical or pharmaceutical education and is well versed in IT,  he will easy find job on any pharmacy giant for the position of bio pharmacologist, IT geneticist, clinical bioinformatician, genetic counselor or network physician.

Therefore, if a future spesialist has several talents, it is important to think about whether or not a child can become a cross-industry specialist and not limit him / her to one specialty.

Extra-professional skills

These qualities, which will be discussed later, will always help to be in demand specialist, to make the transition between different industries and to increase their own productivity and efficiency.

System thinking. It is the ability to independently identify and solve complex problems;

Multilingualism, fluency in several foreign languages;

To date, there are almost no English-speaking children among the children who apply for admission to foreign universities. Most children by the end of grade school are proficient in English at C1 level, and second language catches up with the first one. Most children learn either German or French and have a confident B2. Less often – Chinese and Czech. But we can definitely say that Chinese is a trend that is slowly but surely gaining momentum.

  • Flexibility as an ability to find common ground and work with team, individuals and groups;
  • Programming of IT solutions, work with artificial intelligence and ability to manage complex automated complexes;
  • Ability to manage projects and processes, set tasks independently, without guidance from senior management;
  • Client orientation;

Stress resistance, or the ability to work in fast-changing task conditions, the ability to make quick decisions, manage and share your time and resources,

Creative and aesthetic taste, understanding of modern trends and their subtle feeling.

Industries of the future


In the next 10 years, it will not only develop itself, but will gradually change such fields as medicine, energy, urban and agriculture.

In the future, the development of biotechnology will lead to the replacement of the production of chemicals and medicines and household chemicals to the production of biosynthesis preparations, such as from living systems, to the development of agrotechnology, to the appearance of organic tissues and the like.

  • Professions of the future in biotechnology:
  • Urban Ecologist;
  • Architect of Living Systems;
  • Systems biotechnologist;
  • Bio Pharmacologist;
  • GMO agronomist;
  • CITY farmer.


Medicine is perhaps the most promising sector in the context of change. In particular, there will be a transition from the diagnosis and treatment of dysfunctions, diseases of individual organs to systematic work with the human body.

Therefore, preventive medicine is gaining popularity, the main task of which is to identify possible diseases, to anticipate them and to do everything possible to avoid dangerous consequences.

Future medicine will bring with it the most accurate diagnostics, the possibility of disease prediction, computer simulation of prognosis and treatment, high-precision atomized microsurgery, organ and tissue growth, as well as micro diagnostic devices with network connection, what will inform about important changes in the patient.

Professions of the future in medicine:

  • IT Medicine;
  • Architect of medical equipment;
  • Bioethicist (specialist in regulatory and ethical aspects)
  • Genetic consultant;
  • Clinical bioinformatics;
  • Clinical social worker;
  • Medical Marketer;
  • R&D Health Manager (Communications Specialist);
  • Molecular Nutritionist;
  • Medical Robot Operator;
  • IT geneticist;
  • Cyber ​​prosthetics specialist;
  • Crystallography Specialist (Crystal Use Specialist in Medicine);
  • Designer of life of medical establishments (professional on development of life cycle of hospitals);

Personalized medicine expert (specialist who researches the genetic map of a patient and develops individual programs for his / her support, as well as offers appropriate medical insurance products);

Energy generation

One of the symbols of the new environmental society will be nuclear power, which will be able to provide stable prices for electricity and have a minimal impact on the environment.

In addition, private alternative energy will be actively launched and new types of energy generation will emerge: body energy, energy collection from urban surfaces, energy recovery and more.

Professions of the future in energy:

  • Modernization Manager;
  • Developer of microgeneration systems;
  • Meteo Energetic;
  • Designer of recovery systems;
  • Local Power Supply Specialist;
  • Designer of portable devices (clothing, shoes, etc.);
  • Designer of energy storage devices;

Power grids and power management

A key change in this area is the emergence of smart grids. These technologies can analyze consumption levels and optimize costs.

Moreover, smart grids will protect users from system failure and energy loss, will allow to choose the service provider and to manage expenses and consumption independently.

Future professions in the field:

  • Energy Markets Marketer;
  • Defender of Electricity Consumer Rights;
  • Energy Auditor;
  • Developer of power systems;
  • System Engineer of Intelligent Networks;
  • The gas station;
  • Power grid controller for distributed energy;


The needs and requirements of the society for the urban transport system are increasing every year. Particular attention should be paid to safety and comfort.

  • Professions of the future in the field of transport:
  • Operator of automated transport systems;
  • Transportation Security Engineer;
  • Cross-Logistics Operator;
  • Designer of intermodal transport nodes (develops transplant systems from one vehicle to another);
  • Technician of intermodal transport systems;
  • Intelligent Road Builder;
  • Design composite structures for vehicles;
  • Designing high-speed rail tracks;
  • Architect of intelligent control systems;

There are also several professions related to water transport and aviation:

  • Port ecologist;
  • Marine Infrastructure Systems Engineer;
  • Arctic Navigation Specialist;
  • Unmanned Aviation Interface Designer;
  • Small Aviation Engineer;
  • Operational Data Analyst;
  • Designing airships;
  • Air navigation design infrastructures;
  • Developer of intelligent dynamic dispatching control systems;
  • Cosmobiologist;
  • Cosmologist;
  • Cosmo Tourism Manager;


  • In the field of education already required:
  • Moderator;
  • Developer of educational trajectories;
  • Tutor;
  • Organizer of project training;
  • Coordinator of online education platforms;
  • Startup Mentor;
  • Game Master:
  • Game teacher;
  • Mind Fitness Trainer;

New professions are also in demand in the fields of nanotechnology and IT (network lawyer, virtual world designer, IT teacher and digital linguist), in the field of mining, construction (specialist in energy houses, superintendent-engineer, machine designer) , financial sector (developer of personal retirement plans, intellectual property appraiser), ecology, management (time broker, trend watch, virtual lawyer) and the social sphere (social conflict mediator, disability adaptation worker through the Internet).

Choosing a profession is a complicated thing. But do not forget that in the face of rapid change, it is as easy to change the specialty, the main thing to develop “skills” that maximize the brain and make it very flexible.

For parents who find it difficult to decide on a child’s future, or who are preparing to start something, we recommend learning foreign languages ​​and focusing on the selection of several professions that are most relevant to the child’s talents and abilities.

The main thing is not to speed up events and give a calm thought and make the right decision, from which will depend all subsequent life.