In contrast to residential HVAC systems (unless we are talking about Bill Gates’ house), commercial HVAC systems must condition and ventilate larger and more complex structures. The assumption is that commercial systems are a higher capacity.

You are correct that the components are larger. The residential system is comprised of a single unit, whereas the commercial system is modular. Installation and maintenance of a commercial system are much easier since its components are all located nearby. Residential air conditioners can be up to five tons here in the US. Rooftop modular units often range from 10 to 50 tons. Among the many new additions to the HVAC system, there are new thermostats, condenser fans, compressors, evaporators, blowers, and dampers.


An indoor heating system, like a furnace, can be located in the basement, the closet, or the attic in a house, and the outdoor unit can be found in

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T.D.C: New London Architecture Celebrates London’s Best Home Renovations

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New London Architecture Celebrates London’s Best Home Renovations

This week I learnt about an annual programme in the UK that celebrates innovative home renovations. The annual programme, founded by New London Architecture (NLA), runs a competition Don’t Move, Improve! which selects winning projects from across London. For 2022 over 200 family home extensions were submitted, and of these, 15 best projects were chosen by an eminent judging panel, chaired by NLA’s Director Amy Chadwick Till. Significant 2022 themes include interconnected indoor-outdoor spaces and the use of wood and natural materials. Natural tones and pastel colours are dominant alongside bold shapes, including curves and circles, often inspired by art-deco, and noticeably visible are also statement ceilings and colourful structures. Each home inspires unique renovation ideas, including rear and side extensions through to full-scale interior refits – all
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This topic may seem forced because there’s currently chaos in the world over the Ukraine/Russia war but it’s not, I simply want to shine some much needed light because I feel the sadness now too, and since I just went through my own personal hell when my lovely mom died a painful, lonely, and a very slow death. I know firsthand how I felt and what I had to do to not only push myself through the pain, but to find some measure of joy in each day. I started within, and at home.

I have a family and I’m self employed, so in spite of her illness and death, I still have to be a parent, wife, and a business owner. Bills still need paid, even with the boulder of despair that I carried for nearly two years, I have to smile and be a loving mom, I have

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EVP, Industry Principal at Logility. Digitally transforming multi-tier supply chains through digital twins, AI and advanced analytics.

An August 2021 article by Sue Doerfler of the Institute for Supply Management titled “U.S. Durable Goods Manufacturing Sets Record But Can’t Offset Demand” cites a report by the Baltic and International Maritime Council that states that online orders are increasing and U.S. durable goods manufacturers have responded well.

According to the article, “Manufacturing lagged during the coronavirus pandemic, and total durable goods manufacturing through the first half of this year is 15.5% ahead of the same period last year.”

The BIMCO report notes that the output was 1.6% higher than the first six months of 2019, indicating that durable goods manufacturing has returned to pre-pandemic levels. But during that same period, retail sales grew by 20.8%, hence the report’s title; record production nonetheless fell short of high demand.

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Maintaining a house is an ongoing responsibility. Most condo, apartment, or new home construction owners don’t have this task. Homeowners usually have one or more issues in or around the house that need attention- and money at any given time. The housing market is jumping right now. It is a seller’s market. Homeowners are looking at repair issues with a new set of eyes as they contemplate whether this is the right time to get the house ready to sell or sit tight. You’d be hard-pressed to find someone in the remodeling business right now who isn’t very busy with projects lined up months.  Real Estate agents will tell you that the kitchen, master bedroom/ bathroom, and curb appeal are what sell a house.

Speaking of Curb AppealConcrete slab that is uneven and needs concrete lifting foam by Concrete Raising Systems 7318 N Donnelly Ave. Kansas City,MO 64158

The first element a potential buyer sees when driving up to your home is the driveway! Heck, they are driving on it!

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