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Chestnut craft ideas? Find out super cute DIY fall decoration projects for young and old!

Chestnut craft ideas? Find out super cute DIY fall decoration projects for young and old!

Chestnuts are not only acceptable for roasting on an open up fire, but also as a decoration in the drop and winter months. These heat, chocolate colored gems will incorporate some woodland attraction to your home. Not only do they carry an natural, natural experience, but they are also recognized to retain spiders and moths away! There are so many different chestnut craft thoughts! You can buy chestnuts in most supermarkets, but if you want an authentic really feel you can decide them by yourself! And what can you make from chestnuts? Please go through on!

Diy Chestnut spiders – enjoyable crafts for kids

Chestnut craft ideas? Find out super cute DIY fall decoration projects for young and old!


Supplies essential:

Of course you can also make these spiders with sticks or toothpicks, which you split in the middle to kind the legs.

Chestnut craft ideas for kids how to make a spider tutorial



  • Slice the pipe cleaners into 8 pieces. You can cut them in 50 percent and then lower them in fifty percent once more.
  • Make 8 holes for the legs and glue the pipe cleaners in. Make positive the holes are deep plenty of so they have anything to “hold onto”.
  • Scratch the shiny surface of the chestnut to enable the eye glue stick and add the googly eyes.

Chestnut craft thoughts – Diy fall wreath

What can you make from chestnuts fall wreath is a great DIY idea

Components and applications needed:

  • 100+ chestnuts (picked or shop bought)
  • Wreath foundation (you can make your own wreath base or get one at the grocery store)
  • Incredibly hot glue gun (You will require 10 glue sticks for this challenge)
  • Tape to attach the wreath to a door or wall

Chestnut craft ideas DIY fall decorations

Do-it-yourself Chestnut wreath stage-by-move guidelines:

  • Gather all the supplies and plug in the scorching glue gun to make positive it’s heated up before starting the task.
  • Wash and dry all the chestnuts. This is important to guarantee that any grime is removed.
  • Tie the top rated ribbon (if your wreath foundation doesn’t presently have just one).
  • Put a dab of hot glue on just one chestnut (the flat aspect is greatest) and press it into the wreath base. Keep the chestnut for a handful of seconds to make certain it stays in area.
  • Glue the chestnuts to the major and sides of the wreath base, the again remains no cost. This way the wreath is effortless to maintain and there is no hazard of the wreath falling apart. Repeat the procedure for every chestnut (only 1 at a time) until you have protected the entire wreath with chestnuts.
  • Allow for the glue to dry just before attaching the bow. For the bow, choose jute ribbon or a broad ribbon and make a big bow. To connect the bow to the wreath, acquire a extensive strip of ribbon and tie it about the heart of the bow, then tie the finishes of the ribbon all over the bottom (or best) of the wreath.
  • Dangle your new chestnut wreath and choose lots of pictures!

Chestnut craft tips – How to make a heart

DIY chestnut heart fall decorations easy craft ideas

Supplies and instruments essential:

  • Chestnuts
  • String or wire
  • Scissors
  • Hammer
  • Extended nails
  • Chopping board

Be sure to have an grownup prick the chestnuts.


  • Insert the nail into the heart of the chestnut and hammer through right up until the nail reveals on the other aspect. Maintain undertaking this till all the chestnuts are pierced.
  • If applying wire, it is best to bend the metal into a coronary heart form.
  • Thread the chestnuts a person by a single on to the ready wire form.
  • Cling on the mantel or on the wall to incorporate a loving contact to your house.

How to make a cute garland from chestnuts?

Start at one end of the garland and tie a piece of leather string between each chestnut

Elements and tools wanted:

  • Plastic fishing line
  • Clean chestnuts
  • Leather line
  • Skinny nail
  • Hammer
  • Big plastic needle
  • Scissors
  • Oven or meals dryer

DIY chestnut garland for autumn mood at home


  • Use a hammer and nail to punch a gap in the middle of every chestnut. Some chestnuts are so comfortable that you can crush the shell with your fingers. Many others require a hammer to push the nail in.
  • Following creating the initial gap, insert the plastic needle into the hole and pull it out the other side. The gap should really be massive and absolutely free.
  • Dry the chestnuts. If you have a dehydrator, established it to the lowest environment and let it run for at minimum 3 times. If you never have a dehydrator, set your oven to the cheapest environment and dry the chestnuts on a baking sheet in the oven for 5-6 hrs. The more time you can depart them in the oven, the shorter the final drying time. Remove the chestnuts from the oven and enable them air dry for 3-7 days. The chestnuts are rock hard when absolutely dried.

chestnut craft ideas cute DIY projects for kids and adults

  • Once the chestnuts are dry and great, thread them on to the fishing line with the plastic needle.
  • Slash the leather-based cord into 12 cm prolonged items. You require a piece for every chestnut, and an added piece.
  • Starting up at one particular end of the garland, tie a piece of leather wire in between each chestnut.
  • Tie off the fishing line at equally ends. It is most straightforward to tie the fishing line as a result of with the leather strip at both of those finishes to hold the knot protected.
  • Wrap the garland all around the railing, or hang it on the wall or doorway and delight in the clean slide temper at residence!