December 8, 2023

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Choosing a Reputable Roofer

If you need a roofing professional or contractor for your project but are unsure where to start, asking your friends, family members, neighbors, or homeowner association for recommendations is an excellent way to start. People will want to check contractor requirements, directories for their city or state, as well as look for and read reviews from past customers.

The next thing to do is to call at least two local roofers for a scheduled consultation. Check their references, qualifications, and reviews, compare multiple bids, and negotiate for a fair price. Listed below are the ins and outs of finding a reputable roofing professional or contractor that is right for your budget and project.

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Contractors need to meet the criteria of their state, city, or municipality. Check your area’s roofer directories and qualifications before deciding to hire them. Reputable professionals are:

Willing to provide their clients a fair estimate

Willing to provide their clients references

Insured and Bonded

Licensed in the area, you lived



Roofing services differ from company to company. Ask at least two roofers you are interested in working, as to what kind of services they offer. Some standard services they offer include:

Roof inspections to check:



Maintenance and repairs

Replacement or installation




Shoveling (removing ice and snow dams)

Roof cleaning (removing moss, mildew, and buildup using pressurized water)

Painting, treating, and sealing (especially for metal and wood roofs)

Debris and dirt removal

Redoing the roof is an excellent time to check every section of the gutter. Property owners may find professionals who also offer siding, window, and gutter services. Ask the contractor in the area if they can provide other services. Tackling gutters and roofs at the same time can save property owners a lot of money in the long run because professionals will already be on-site.

How to hire professionals or contractors?

When property owners are ready to hire contractors, there are types homeowners need to consider: roofing companies and independent contractors. There are advantages and disadvantages to both. Always make sure to compare bids for the best and fair price, as well as check reviews, qualifications, and references.

Independent contractors can be pretty helpful and effective for quick repairs. Since they either work with subcontractors or independently, it may take more time to complete more significant projects like replacing the old roof of the entire property. But they may specialize in a particular style. Hiring them can be pretty risky, but it also means that property owners will see and work with the same individuals for the entire project.

Roofing firms are more likely to finish more significant projects a lot quicker, have their jobs covered by warranties from manufacturers, offer substantial discounts, or offer free consultations, as well as work with more quality materials. But working with these companies, homeowners may not have the same contact person for every phase of the project.

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Choosing the right contractor

Always get multiple bids from different professionals or contractors before deciding to hire one that is right for the project. Homeowners can choose the middle-of-the-road and reasonable bid or the company with the lowest price with the best availability.

With the proper budget, people might choose the roofer with the highest estimate but with tons of experience installing the type of roof that the property owner wants. No matter which bid they choose, homeowners need to make sure that the contractor has all the right qualifications to finish the project.

If property owners already know what kind of roofing they want, they may have multiple contractors or professionals to choose from in their area. Most of these firms can repair and install materials like wood or asphalt shingles. Still, only a couple of professionals have a lot of experience handling materials like clay tiles, natural slate, or cedar shake. Unique styles such as green roofs or solar shingles require experts who may be pretty hard to find, especially in rural areas.

Be careful of door-to-door contractors. These are people who visit places that are hit by high winds and storms. These people are opportunists and predatory. If roofers in your area reach out to you about replacing or repairing the roof, check their qualifications like licenses, references, and insurance policy before accepting the bid.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much should homeowners pay a contractor upfront?

Property owners should avoid paying contractors more than 15% of the total project cost upfront. They may want to pay using their credit card to provide themselves leeway or recourse in case something terrible happens. They need to consult tax professionals to see if they need to file 1099 for the contractor payment.

What kind of insurance policy should these professionals have?

There are various types of insurance policies for this kind of business. To have the best protection possible, look for contractors like this one, with workers’ compensation and general liability insurance.

What else should people know before they are these types of contractors?

There is a good chance that roofs installed in the early 1910s to 1980s have asbestos sheets or shingles. If the property has these materials, the project may take a lot longer to complete. It will be more expensive to remove it since the material poses health risks.

Aside from roofing and installing waterproofing, these professionals will also install metal strip drip edges that can direct water safely away from wooden planks into gutters. That is why replacing the roof is an excellent time to check out the fascia, gutters, and soffits of the property for any damage.