May 18, 2024

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City Towers – The Most Prestigious Place of Ajman to Live in

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Ajman has become a very preferred choice for people of UAE to move in because It has a very affordable price, comfortable Environment, every Facility, and easy access to the other states of UAE. So, it means you are not missing any of the facilities living in the area. The city of Ajman is full of supermarkets, hospitals, educational institutes, etc 

At a very competitive price, it is providing a good opportunity to be a resident of Ajman.  The people of UAE are so much concerned about 2 bedroom apartments for rent in city Tower

The City Tower, developed by Aqar Properties is on the list of people who needs a budget-friendly apartment and enjoy the beautiful shores of Ajman City. 

As compared to the other states of UAE, Ajman is quite cheap and almost the same in other aspects . 

Al Nuaimiya, The Heart of Ajman

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If we Talk about the best place to live in Ajman with a Very Convenient approach to the other states of UAE then Al Nuamiya is the one suitable. Al Nuamiya is a very beautiful city located on the Ajman and Sharjah borders. The locals can have the convenience of All of the Interlinking highways.

Al Nuamiya is partitioned into three the subcontinents

The best thing that attracts people to find out 1 bedroom apartments for sale in Al Nuamiya is the Availability of Many facilities like Markets, educational institutes, hospitals, etc. The locals need no effort to approach these facilities as they are available nearby 

One of the best towers well known and preferable over others is City tower located in Al Nuamiya, Ajman. It has become a very wise choice for people. People are searching for 2 bedroom apartment for rent in city Tower. Because of the perks that this location provides, it has become a nice attraction for people 

The city tower

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The city tower is in Al Nuamiya 3, The third subcontinent of Al Nuamiya.

The Apartments of city tower are of continuous popularity due to their competitive price.

There are a lot of options available in the tower so you can get it at a handsome price you just need to research properly about the prices and the availability of apartments 

Perks of living in City Tower, Al Nuamiya

Some noticeable perks of living in city tower are :

Quality Education:

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The Al Nuamiya ensures the best and the highly standardized education for your children. The British high school is the most famous in the region, and it provides very quality education as compared to the other schools. Living in the area will also lead your children towards a better career. This leads people to opt for 2 bedroom apartments for rent in city Tower. Because every parent wants to secure the future of their children

 Medical Health :

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In Al Nuamiya, Thumbay Hospital is always there to medically facilitate its locals 24/7. All the medical-related equipment and highly qualified doctors are available. You don’t need to rush to the other state for any treatment or medical emergency. It is what makes it very convenient for the locals to not be worried about their Health.


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A lot of supermarkets are located in the region, but The Al Murad Mall is within walking distance of the City Tower. People can find any life necessity in the malls. It is a very big advantage for people to shop any grocery etc. from a very nearby place. They don’t need to travel or to stress searching for the items.


It is the best option to get yourself a 2 bedroom apartment for rent in city Tower as it consists of a lot of Amenities that lead to the popularity of the place. It is centrally air-conditioned, so you don’t need to worry about the heat of the UAE. It has parking for your car. It has 24/7 electricity backup so there is no load shedding. It has a Security team and surveillance cameras embedded all over the place. There are also elevators to avoid stairs. It also has a Prayer room and a reception for any queries. Moreover, the area has every facility like education and medical health.