July 15, 2024

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Essentials Of Gardening

Essentials Of Gardening

To keep your garden looking healthy, beautiful, and get the most out of it you need certain gardening tools. Whether you have a flower garden or a vegetable and fruit garden there are certain tools that will make your life as a gardener easier. You can either buy or make some of these tools yourself.

Besides the basic tools of gardening, such as shears or scissors, gloves, trowel, a fork, a knife, a small rake, a long rake, a garden spade, a weeding tool, and a bucket, there are other tools that you will need to protect your plantings. A hand trake is a combination of a trowel and a rake; it will save you some money.

You will need a wooden frame covered with netting to protect your plantings. This is good if you want to start your seeds early, as it will protect them from the cold. It will retain the heat inside.

For combating the pests that attack your tomatoes or cabbages you can make your own collars from plastic, metal, or cardboard, or any easily bendable material that you can shape into a cone to stick in the ground. In addition, you will need a spray bottle to apply bug repellent. You can reuse empty spray bottles as long as you clean them well.

A seeder will save you time, if you have a bigger area. If not, you can use a plastic container cut and shaped to serve the purpose. A plastic container or a bucket with handles will serve you well when collecting seeds.

A gardening apron, gloves, and kneepad are essential for the avid gardener as well as the rookie. Do not forget a hat and sunscreen to protect you from the sun. A utility knife with multi-functions could be of use in the garden, too.

To support plants you will need wire, trellises, some stakes, and nylon. If you care for these during the winter season, they will last you long. There are some trellises made of a hard plastic blend that will last longer than the wooden ones.

Baskets and buckets to collect fruits and vegetables are an important part of a gardener’s tools. In addition, you will need an extension rod with a hook to reach fruit that is high on the tree. You can make one with a broomstick and a bent hook or wire attached to it.

Take good care of your gardening tools by cleaning and wiping them right after using them. Some may need oil rubbed on them to prevent rust. Today, many materials available will not rust and will last long. The more you take care of your tools the longer they will take care of your garden. A good set of gardening tools is an investment that will save you money down the road.