April 17, 2024

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How to Choose a Friendly Toilet Paper for Your Plumbing System

Most plumbing issues at home are caused by crack pipes, faulty faucets, and leaks. But there are cases when the root of the problem is due to the use of the wrong products. Some cleaning agents and detergents may contain harsh chemicals that damage our sewer and water pipes. In toilets, the use of toilet papers that dissolve slowly can also be harmful to your plumbing system.

Plumbers for blocked toilet Sydney services strongly recommend avoiding flushing toilet papers in the toilet bowls and tubs. These, together with other soft solid materials can build up and block the smooth flow of wastewater in your pipes. As such, it is important to choose a friendly toilet paper for your plumbing system. But how do we do so? Here are some tips for choosing plumbing-friendly toilet paper.

Things to Look for When Buying Toilet Papers

Not all toilet papers are equal. Some came to harm your plumbing system. But some are designed to make it sustainable. Here are important things to look for when buying toilet papers.

  • Biodegradable toilet papers

Biodegradable toilet papers are made of natural wood and break down easily when wet. They are the most-friendly toilet paper for your plumbing system.

  • Recycled toilet papers

Recycled toilet papers are made from recycled paper and use fewer chemicals than original papers. They prevent the cutting of trees to use for toilet papers. At the same time, they easily break down in the plumbing system. Given a choice, it’s better to use recycled toilet paper than non-recycled ones to avoid blocked toilets in Sydney.

  • Septic safe toilet paper

Modern technology allows toilet paper manufacturers to produce septic-safe toilet papers. These special types of toilet papers disintegrate faster in water. So, when they are flushed together with wastewater, they melt away easily.

Simple Test to Choose a Toilet Paper for Your Plumbing System

There are many options for toilet paper in the market today. This makes it challenging to decide which brand is right for our plumbing system. The simplest way to test if toilet paper won’t do any harm to your plumbing system is to the following steps.

  • Get a sample of 4 different toilet paper brands that are tagged as septic-safe.
  • Cut each sample into 5 squares and put each brand in different glass jars.
  • Fill each jar with water and shake one by one all vigorously. Shaking duplicates the effect of flushing a toilet.
  • It is recommended to choose the toilet paper that disintegrates easily and quickly.

The Bottom Line

Toilet papers don’t necessarily cause a blocked toilet in Sydney. But it is important to choose friendly toilet paper for your plumbing system. It’s because some brands disintegrate with water quickly. While some brands of toilet paper don’t easily break down.

To prevent a blocked toilet in Sydney, you can take note of the following steps. Try to use septic-safe toilet papers as much as possible. They disintegrate quickly and won’t build up to block your sewer pipes. You should also practice judicious use of toilet paper. Even though you are using ones that disintegrate quickly, filling up your pipes and septic tanks with lots of solid residues can also harm them. If possible, avoid flushing toilet paper in your bowls. Throw them away and dispose of them properly instead.