July 18, 2024

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How to Clean a Crystal Chandelier

A chandelier can be a outstanding addition to any household, incorporating both of those light and magnificence to a home. Having said that, even the most expensive chandelier crystals will eliminate their shine. If you’re in this situation, don’t be concerned – with a little time know-how and elbow grease, you can quickly clear your chandelier you. 

What you will need for your chandelier cleansing.

  1. Microfibre cloth
  2. Protecting gloves
  3. Dust Sheet or previous sheet 
  4. Cleansing option that contains isopropyl liquor
  5. Soft cleaning brush 


Ahead of making an attempt to just take your chandelier down for cleansing, it is constantly most effective to get some precautionary actions. For example, having images of the chandelier with your phone can assist ensure that you place the chandelier again with each other exactly. 

Its also really crucial to understand that you can bear the fat of the chandelier on your own, If in question get anyone to enable you or for really weighty chandeliers you might contemplate having a winch set up to assistance reduce your chandelier at the contact of a button. 

Defend your surroundings

It is essential to get actions to secure your furniture and flooring. Normally, you may perhaps close up doing a lot more damage than great. Begin by laying down a massive plastic sheet to capture drips or spills. On top rated of the plastic, location newspapers or outdated towels to take up the liquids.

Be absolutely sure to take away the light-weight bulbs and protect the bulb area with foil to retain the cleansing answers out. 

Shield by yourself also! Usually don gloves and protective apparel when dealing with any cleaning fluids, in particular severe chemicals that can irritate the pores and skin.

How to thoroughly clean chandelier crystals

Utilizing a soft cloth, wipe down each of the crystals, having treatment. Microfibre cloths are fantastic for gently dusting crystals without scratching them.

We strongly advise from putting crystals in a water tub, because our faucet water is taken care of this can induce discolouration to take place.

If your crystals are really dirty or if you would desire an professional handled them, it is ideal to seek the advice of a qualified chandelier cleansing firm.

Which merchandise should really you use when cleaning a chandelier?

Cleansing Remedy

To clean your chandelier, spot each crystal or strand in a bowl of glass cleaning option. 

A advised resolution is a cleansing rinse of one particular portion isopropyl alcoholic beverages and 3 pieces h2o. 

If you can’t remove the crystals and strands to position in a bowl, dip a cloth into the resolution and securely clean the crystals on a secure ladder. 

When cleaned, rinse the strands with cold water. 

Transform the wiping drinking water frequently, we would say about each and every ten strands or so to prevent create up on your clean.

Microfibre Fabric

Then, use a thoroughly clean and dry cloth to thoroughly dab the strands and crystals dry. 

The most effective cloth for this task is a single that does not shed material as it will get in your way when drying, we endorse microfibre for this. 

Next cleanse the skeleton of the chandelier, if you have a comfortable brush or smooth bristled tooth, use this to get into any crevices and gaps that may possibly collect dust develop up. 

Suggestion – if you really do not have a smooth brush to hand, use a tender bristled toothbrush for the gaps. 

After providing the skeleton of the chandelier a speedy wipe, it is time to assemble it back again with each other. Use your reference photos to area each strand into situation, using care to put the fixings in the right spot. 

How frequently really should I clean my chandelier?

Now that you’ve productively cleaned your chandelier, you are going to be seeking to know how normally you must repeat this course of action. 

The frequency of chandelier cleansing depends on many elements, this kind of as the age and measurement of your particular model. As a rough tutorial, cleansing is recommended each and every 2 – 3 months, which will hold you chandelier on the lookout its very best.