July 18, 2024

Dragon Esdelsur

Home Sweet Home

How to find new clients for crime scene cleaners?

Word of mouth does not always work, so it’s necessary to search for new ways to attract new customers.  Even crime scene cleaners, being a very specific segment of the cleaning industry, need clients to serve, otherwise, they’ll go bankrupt. 

One of the effective methods to generate leads is to hire a call center, which can connect the client and the contractor, and offer a whole variety of cleaning services, which a cleaning company provides. Of course, handling inbounds calls is of primer importance but having their own call service is very expensive for crime scene cleaners. It’s necessary to train staff, hire or buy equipment, software, and so on, which costs a fortune. It is much cheaper to order call center services for crime scene cleaners. Professional call centers know how to captivate the client and keep their attention by listening to their needs and answering all questions.

What call center services do crime scene cleaners need?

• Operational call center with artificial intelligence technology. AI is a very widespread technology that simplifies the process of handling phone calls with customer requests and complaints significantly. 

• Updating and structuring the client database, searching for new customers;

• Hotline (raises interest in cleaning services provided by crime scene cleaners and increases customer loyalty);

• Support for promotions (assistance in receiving calls) with a focus on a rare cleaning service;

• “Mystery shopper” service which provides control over the performance of work by employees.

Why is it better to entrust the work on expanding the client base to the professional call center?

  • It’s cheaper to hire a professional than to train an employee from scratch or buy expensive equipment. After all, unprofessional communication on the phone can cost a company a lot.
  •  Improving the image of the cleaning company, for example, crime scene cleaners. A high level of service and pleasant communication will leave a good impression on the client and the clients will consider an opportunity to apply again.
  •  All incoming calls will be answered properly, telemarketing and promotions will be carried out correctly and promptly.
  • Specialized call centers offer individual rates and offers for each client. They approach the needs and problems, features, and desires of cleaning companies with attention. You can also listen to how call center agents communicate with customers because you can always ask them to give you the recordings of the calls, and you will be convinced that with the help of a professional call center, customer won’t choose your competitors.

Save your time and automate processes and success will not keep you waiting. By delegating such an important business process as customer service, you’ll be able to free your time for strategic planning and developing your business. All cleaning businesses are trying to outsource the call center service to reliable companies in order to avoid unnecessary expenses and increase efficiency at the same time. Of course, it will be necessary to train the call center operators so that they know the peculiarities of the services crime scene cleaners provide, but after some time you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of collaboration with a call center.