September 29, 2023

Dragon Esdelsur

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How To Increase Oxygen Level At Home

Oxygen is vital for the survival of human beings. It plays a crucial role in our immune system and turns food into energy. All the internal body processes are incomplete without it. Due to pollution, it has become quite impossible to inhale clean air as there are many pollutants present in the air. With the world grappling with Covid-19, the effect on the lungs is not unknown to people. Coronavirus attacks the immune system and causes severe inflammation to various body parts. Therefore, it becomes imperative to maintain the level of oxygen in the blood. With the pandemic and frequent lockdowns imposed, a lot of people are spending maximum time indoors. So you need to look for ways to increase oxygen levels at home. But, how can you do so? Here are some tips that you can follow and increase oxygen levels at your home. 

Get Access to Fresh Air

As the weather turns harsh, we close our windows and spend our day inside. Hence, we get no fresh air. Instead, open your windows every day in the morning for an hour or two to ensure proper ventilation. You can even sit on your balcony in the morning and breathe in the fresh air. 

Try Breathing Slowly

When you have trouble breathing, you should try the basic trick of inhaling and exhaling slowly and deeply. First, calm yourself down, inhale the air through the nose and then exhale it slowly through the mouth. With this trick, your body receives more oxygen. Make it a point to exhale for a longer duration to remove carbon dioxide from your lungs altogether.

Practise Yoga

Yoga has several benefits, and it is one of the best ways to increase the oxygen level in your body at home. The breathing exercises and poses are beneficial for the body and the mind. You should practise yoga daily as it improves your breathing and overall health. The rhythmic deep breathing techniques will help you in inhaling oxygen properly. You can practise various yoga poses like Nadi Shodhana or Alternate Nostril Breathing, Ujjayi or Ocean’s Breath, Brahmari or the humming breath, Bhastrika or the bellows breath, Surya Bhedana or the solar breath and more. 

Bring Home Oxygen-Enriching Indoor Plants

Bringing Indoor plants home will help you in many ways. You can create a garden and surround yourself with green plants. Plants provide oxygen and enhance the overall aesthetics of your home decor. You can even keep plants on your balcony and sit there in the morning while you inhale clean air. You can get oxygen plants for home – like Snake Plant, Spider Plant, Jade Plant, Areca Palm, Aloe Vera plant, and more. All these plants purify the air, and you can easily keep them inside your home. Additionally, certain plants release oxygen at night, like Snake Plant, Peace lily plant and Spider Plant. You can keep these greens in your bedroom as they also promote restful sleep.

Eat Healthy Food Items

The food we eat is the key to living a healthy life. But, which food items increase your oxygen levels? You must consider eating food items rich in iron as they increase the oxygen levels in your body. Iron-rich foods will increase your body’s ability to process oxygen. You should add poultry, meat, fish, legumes and green leafy vegetables to your diet. Stock your kitchen with kale, celery, broccoli and other green vegetables for feeding your body with nutrients. You can also add antioxidant-rich foods like Avocado, bananas, carrots and more as they maintain oxygen levels in the body.

Start Meditation

Meditation has several benefits. It calms your mind, helps you in focusing, and reduces stress. Get up in the morning, go out on your terrace or in your garden and practise meditation. It is the art of deep breathing and will enhance the capacity of your lungs to inhale and exhale. Meditation will also reduce your stress and anxiety levels. 

All the above tips for increasing oxygen levels at home are quite useful. As COVID-19 has impacted our lungs and other body parts severely, we must make changes to our diet and daily routine for living a healthy life.