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How To Lose The Cops In GTA Online

In many ways, the experience in GTA Online is completely different than that of GTA V’s story mode. While players are wreaking havoc in the city of Los Santos in both modes, GTA Online offers far more creativity and freedom. This freedom applies to almost every facet of the GTA experience, including finding new and inventive ways to lose the cops.

Cops are always going to be a thorn in players’ sides when playing a GTA title. They aim to keep players in line with a plethora of different tactics. Over the years, players have discovered various methods of erasing their wanted level to keep the cops at bay.

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The police can be especially annoying in GTA Online. Whether players are attempting a heist or trying to get from point A to point B, cops aren’t welcome in most situations. The ways of losing the police work differently in the online experience of GTA V, however. Here are the best methods we found to lose the cops in GTA Online.

Calling Lester

Removing a wanted level through Lester
Removing a wanted level through Lester

Perhaps the most tried and true method of losing the cops in GTA Online is by calling old pal Lester. Any player who’s dabbled in GTA Online will know who Lester is. He essentially coordinates jobs for the players in Los Santos and can be extremely helpful in a variety of situations.

To utilize this method, all players need to do is bring up their cellphone when being chased by police. Go into the Contacts, scroll down until Lester’s name appears, and give him a call. Select the option that says “Remove Wanted Level” and he will make the stars in the top-right corner of the screen disappear.

In order for this method to work completely, players need to not commit any crimes right before or after they call Lester. For example, if players are driving a stolen car and they call Lester to remove their wanted level, they’ll be actively committing a crime and have a one-star wanted level even after calling him. Also, players want to ensure they’re not directly next to police; try to get as much separation as possible before dialing Lester.

This method will not work during most story missions or heists, so bear that in mind.

Going underwater

Diving underwater
Diving underwater

In GTA V’s story mode, one of the most effective ways to lose the cops is by going to the ocean and submerging beneath the surface. The same method can be taken advantage of in GTA Online.

The main aspect to remember when trying this method is to go fully underneath the surface. Just going into the water and swimming around will still allow the cops to maintain a visual on the player. Of course, this also means players need to watch their oxygen level very carefully. Players need to try and do their best to only come up for air when they’re not in the police’s visual cone on the map.

To get around this, players can equip a scuba suit. This is only available in GTA Online and it gives players infinite oxygen when underwater. Using this piece of clothing requires some planning ahead of time, as players need to have the scuba suit on before they enter the water. Players can purchase a scuba suit from clothing stores and at Ammu-Nation. It’s recommended to save the suit as a custom outfit to equip it quickly.

This method will work during story missions and heists, but sometimes players are nowhere near the ocean, so this isn’t guaranteed to be feasible anytime players have the cops on them.

Bribing the police

Image via Steam User LuckySeven7th
Image via Steam User LuckySeven7th

The most expensive way of losing the cops in GTA Online is to bribe them. To make this method work, players need to be a registered CEO or VIP. Players can become either from the SecuroServ option in the interaction menu. To become a CEO, they need to purchase an executive office, which requires a minimum of $1,000,000. Becoming a VIP is much simpler, only requiring $500,000 in the bank and not an office.

Once players are a CEO or VIP, they can bring up the interactive menu and see a whole list of new options available to them. One of these is called “Bribe Authorities,” which will instantly remove the player’s wanted level. This is never a cheap option, however, which is why it’s the most expensive method on this list.

Even for a small two-star wanted level, the price to bribe a cop can be around $15,000. So if players have money burning in a hole in their pocket, this is perhaps the easiest method of losing the cops. Unfortunately, it’s not available during story missions or heists.

If players want a cheaper bribing option, they can call Lester and choose the “Cops Turn Blind Eye” box. This costs roughly $5,000 and will make any wanted level disappear.

Hiding in the underground

This is perhaps the most effective way of losing the cops in GTA Online. It’s simplicity itself and a trick that’s as old as time. All players need to do is find the underground tunnel that’s used in the first major heist of GTA V’s story mode. For reference, here’s a screenshot of the GTA Online map showcasing where to enter the tunnel.

Location of the underground tunnel
Location of the underground tunnel

Once at the entrance to the tunnel, players can drive inside and look for the hole in the wall that leads them down beneath the street. This is found just beside the sidewalk of the tunnel.

Players can drive into the hole and keep going down until they reach the middle of the underground tunnel. From here, all that’s left to do is wait until the wanted level goes away. This works in story missions and heists and only requires that players know how to get to the tunnel. While a certain story mission or heist might be a little distant from this location, it’s positioned in the center of the map, so it’s never too far away.

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