April 17, 2024

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How to pick the right paint colour: expert tips

To ensure your next project is easy and avoids wasting money on making bad colour choices (we’ve all been there!), the experts at British Paints share their guide to selecting the right shade.

Lean into your lighting

First, figure out which way the room you wish to paint is facing. This is crucial in understanding the natural lighting of the space and colours that can accentuate it.

In Australia, north-facing rooms tend to receive more natural sunlight. These rooms are well suited to cool colours like grey, blue, or green. If you go for white paints, stick to cool undertones, which will give you a crisp, modern look.

South-facing rooms, on the other hand, can be underlit. They will be well suited to warm colours like yellow, peach, pink and red. Adding warmth and cosy vibes while compensating for the lack of natural light. If you opt for a shade of white here, go for an option with a warm undertone.

Highlight your existing home

Remember to consider how the paint colour will work with existing elements in your home like the floorings, curtains, and furniture. Especially, as these can be pricey, difficult things to alter. Go for a wall colour that matches what’s already there. This can be a wonderful opportunity to hero a statement piece of furniture too. Whether it’s a beautiful velvet couch, bold piece of artwork or vintage desk.

If you’re feeling stuck and confused, neutral shades, like beige and taupe, are the most versatile. They make an excellent canvas for any style and don’t go out of style. It’s a smart choice for your existing home or if you are looking to sell in the future.

Get inspired by the unexpected

Inspiration can be found anywhere! “Bring the outside in” is a popular adage for colour schemes. Try looking outdoors and conceptualizing your local area within. Choosing colours such as Green Life or Blue Forge will foster a welcoming atmosphere for you to relax and unwind.

Alternatively, if you have a favourite piece of artwork on your wall or item of clothing in your wardrobe, look within for inspo. A fun colour idea is never far. Whether you decide to go bold with a shade like Red Alert or look on the bright side with a tone like Happy Home, you’ll appreciate the new hues daily.

A handy tool

If you’re then unsure of which exact colour to commit to, British Paints has also launched a free, online Colour Wall Assistant. Apps like this make settling on a specific choice much easier. It even suggests on-trend colour options to choose from!

Get sampling

Most of all, there is no such thing as too many sample pots. Once you have a few faves, pick up three or four different sample pots to test out in your space. Instead of painting directly onto the wall, paint a piece of white A4 paper and adhere to the preferred wall with blu-tack. Make sure to observe the colours at different times throughout the day so you can see how they appear in various lighting. Only when satisfied, start small on a feature wall or door. This gives you the freedom to see if you still like it or need to change course.

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