April 18, 2024

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How To Style Colorful Blazers? 4 Ideas

Ready to learn how to style colorful blazers? Due to their highly versatile nature, those elegant garments are must-haves in every woman’s wardrobe. This type of clothing is perfect to complement a business outfit or elevate an everyday look. 

If you do not own a colorful blazer yet, here are a few reasons to buy one (or more). In this article, D2Line will share how to style colorful blazers.

Why having a blazer is a must?

Official Meetings

Going to work or heading to an official business meeting? Put on a neutral color blazer over your business casual fit and take over the corporate ‘runway’. 

Blazers are the epitome of confidence when it comes to a professional environment because they look great with almost any type of work clothes. The only thing you need to have in mind is to stick to neutral colors like beige, dark blue, grey, and pastels. These colors are associated with professionalism, so they will match the setting and make you look serious. 

Everyday Look

Blazers work wonders when combined with casual attire. Put them over your dress or the everyday fit and you will rock an effortless going-out look that will turn all heads your way. 

According to the rising fashion trends, long and slightly oversized blazers in bright or neon colors are the latest craze. These bold types of clothing can perfectly suit a white shirt, light basic tee, cute lace top, or a neutral-shade dress. If you are not a fan of the bold colorful blazers, worry not, because classic nude and light pastel colors also make great pieces.

4 ideas for colorful blazers

Combine with classic jeans

Colorful blazers are extremely chic and fashionable in a playful way. They look even more stylish when combined with denim or classic jeans. 

This style combo is super trending, looks absolutely gorgeous, and will make you feel confident and empowered even in an everyday setting. A perfect outfit to go out with friends for lunch, go on a date, enjoy a walk in the park, or grab a coffee on the way to run daily errands.

Combine with maxi skirt

As warm seasons approach but are not quite here yet, maxi skirts are making their comeback. And let’s be honest – every woman has a comfy maxi skirt in her closet. So instead of wondering how to style it, let us tell you about the bomb combination with a colorful blazer. 

Whether you go for a more neutral shade or prefer a bold-colored blazer, it all works well with a long skirt. Mix them up together to get a simple and effortless outfit that you can wear at almost any casual event.

Combine with mini dress

Who said a mini dress is only good for clubbing and summer vacations? Actually, with the right outfit combination, a mini dress can look appropriate for work and everyday occasions. One thing you need to know about the trending oversized colorful blazers – they perfectly complement an alluring mini dress and can transform it. 

By adding a cute blazer on top of a mini dress, your body is immediately more covered and that makes you look more serious and reliable. The combination looks best when the length difference between the dress and the oversized blazer is not that significant. 

Combine with simple T-shirts

There is no need to put an extra effort to make a blazer work. Colorful blazers are versatile and are looking great even with basic t-shirts and plain white tees. That is because the bright coloration of the blazer gets toned down a bit by the neutral t-shirt and creates a fun balanced fit that screams ‘stylish’ and ‘fashionable’. 

Right now, the t-shirt and colorful blazer mix is extremely popular in the influencer, modeling, and celebrity fields. So at the end of the day, with this interesting clothing combination, you are bound to become the center of attention like an everyday style icon.