July 18, 2024

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Important First Steps in Dealing With Hail-Damaged Roofing

Important First Steps in Dealing With Hail-Damaged Roofing

One of the most dangerous aspects of hail storm damage on residential roofing is that its effects are not easy to identify. High-impact forces can crack, break or even knock entire tabs off the roof, exposing the vulnerable underlayment underneath. Before you know it, the whole assembly has been riddled with holes and you’re leaking water throughout your home.

Important First Steps in Dealing With Hail-Damaged Roofing

Luckily, this is what homeowners insurance is for. It’s not always easy to deal with filing claims but there are a few important points to remember to ensure that your roof is always protected after a storm. Here are some of the best tips from our specialists at All American Roofing.

Don’t Wait

It’s never a good idea to leave your roof exposed and unprotected. Contact a roofing company and a roof insurance claims specialist immediately following extreme weather conditions, even if you think your roof survived it intact. Some insurance providers will even deny claims on additional damage incurred while you delayed any repairs from the previous storm.

Document Everything

Once the hailstorm has passed, take pictures of its effects on your roof or any other part of your home. Don’t forget to take close-ups of the damaged sites and show the full extent of the storm’s aftermath. If possible, take pictures of the actual hailstones on the ground but include a measuring tape or a clear ruler as a scale. Keep all cost estimates, receipts and invoices and file them safely away for when you submit your claim.

Avoid the “Storm Chasers”

You’ll probably run into these types of contractors after some bad weather. They’ll be knocking on doors offering repair and restoration services for damaged roofing systems. These companies are known as storm chasers and it’s unlikely that they are trustworthy. Don’t sign any contract with them immediately. Ask for a license and check with the Better Business Bureau for their track record. They will try to pressure you into an agreement, but don’t be afraid to say no.

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