July 20, 2024

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Is window glass sustainable? | SEH BAC

We continually strive to make sure our whole business is as environmentally friendly as possible, which is why we offer South East homeowners the most sustainable, energy efficient windows and doors we can. The glass units we use play a crucial part in the overall sustainability of the installation. So, if you’re wondering how sustainable modern window glass really is, we’ve created this blog especially for you!

Is window glass sustainable for the environment?

Yes! Glass is renowned throughout the world as one of the most sustainable building materials available. Made from raw sand, soda ash and limestone that has been exposed to extreme heat, glass is 100% recyclable with no loss of quality whatsoever.

Tall black aluminium casement windows installation

What is the most sustainable glass for windows?

It is a common misconception that triple glazing is the most energy efficient glass for windows. Although it contains an extra layer of glass alongside another insulating gas-filled cavity, the embodied carbon penalty involved in the manufacturing process of an average triple glazed window is around 59%, 46% and 31% higher than timber, uPVC and aluminium double-glazed units respectively. Therefore, normal double glazing will more than suffice with high-performance Comfort glass. Combined with insulating uPVC frames or contemporary aluminium frames that feature plastic thermal breaks (like ours!), we offer some of the most sustainable window glass available.

What other features make your home improvement products sustainable?

  • All our depots use the Green recycling company for their waste, so uPVC is recycled with separate glass unit skips
  • Dedicated to minimising heat loss, carbon emissions, and energy bills, we only supply and install windows, doors, and glazed extensions with the best U-values available to-date
  • We are currently in talks to offer the most eco-friendly glass window unit company on the UK market as standard, Eco-Max GLASS. Incredibly efficient, they will plant a tree for every unit sold too. Look out for future updates on this exciting development!

Learn more about how SEHBAC maintains its sustainable business status

Sustainable home improvement solutions in Ipswich, Essex & Suffolk

If easing the pressure on the planet’s resources is important to you, it’s time to focus on sustainability at home this year. Browse through our inspiring range of case studies and then contact us to make the exciting move towards a more sustainable way of living with SEH BAC.