April 17, 2024

Dragon Esdelsur

Home Sweet Home

Living Vehicle’s New Creative Studio Is Designed for Off-Grid Remote Work

Since 2017, Matthew and Joanna Hofmann have designed flexible and attractive small spaces for mobile lifestyles at their electric travel trailer company, Living Vehicle. The LEED-accredited architect and his wife, who has a background in nutrition, holistic health, and business, were inspired to launch the brand after years of traveling full-time in mobile spaces while running a design firm in Santa Barbara, California. The luxury, off-grid vehicles blend modern architecture with top-of-the-line technology, hoping to challenge the way people live, work, and explore.

The latest offering from off-grid luxury trailer company Living Vehicle is a creative studio and mobile office that pairs top-of-the-line equipment with ergonomic design.

Living Vehicle’s most recent offering, which debuted this week, is the Creative Studio, a powerful off-grid workspace and mobile office designed specifically for technophiles and professional creatives on the go.

According to Living Vehicle cofounders Matthew and Joanna Hoffman, the new Creative Studio allows professionals “the freedom to explore off-grid while remaining fully plugged in to all of their important devices.”

“While work from anywhere is becoming the norm since the onset of the pandemic and presents an exciting—and safe—alternative to being chained to a desk in an urban office building, the reality is that most modern professionals would find it impossible to work effectively on a beach, editing a feature film on a laptop,” Matthew says. “The Creative Studio is a no-compromise solution with the highest-end technology from Apple, providing a dedicated, professional-grade solution wherever your work takes you.”

Matthew and Joanna in the creative studio and mobile office.

Each Creative Suite comes fully loaded with a range of configurable, state-of-the-art equipment, including dual Apple Pro XDR Displays and the choice of a 16-inch MacBook Pro or new Mac Studio. The latter is powered by the M1 Max or the new M1 Ultra, which is the world’s most powerful chip in a personal computer, providing unparalleled performance and battery life.

The new model also comes with a wide range of integrated accessories, including a 1080 pixel camera, studio-quality microphones, and a high-fidelity, six-speaker sound system, as well as a wireless and rechargeable Magic Keyboard and Magic Trackpad, to name a few.

The compact workspace makes room for a closet and laundry area.

Inside the trailer, the pared-down interior includes a dedicated ergonomic workspace mounted over an 80-inch walnut desk. With a simple motion, the entire setup can be easily lowered to reveal a queen-size Memory Foam bed.  

The 80-inch walnut desk can be easily lowered to reveal the sleeping area.

A queen-size Memory Foam bed conceals the studio and home office.

The efficient, compact design is a testament to the potential of small, remote living spaces, even for creative careers that require a fair amount of equipment, such as film editors, sound mixers, architects and animators. Though the aforementioned professions have been previously dependent on fixed, brick-and-mortar locations, Living Vehicle’s sustainable power system aims to offer a new freedom for creative professionals to pursue studio-quality work on the road. 

“Apple has always inspired us to do our best work,” says Joanna. “The Living Vehicle Creative Studio now enables creative professionals to do theirs.”

“The Living Vehicle energy system provides the off-grid capability to keep your remote work/live space and devices running in all environments,” Matthew says. “The common denominator in all pro-grade equipment is the reliance on electricity; Living Vehicle is the off-grid, solar-powered energy backbone.” The company has embraced clean and quiet solar power, which is captured and stored in lithium-based battery packs. Today, Living Vehicle has the only off-grid trailer on the market with the power and systems capable of running a tech-driven business from the world’s most remote locations. 

Living Vehicle’s luxury trailers utilize rooftop solar panels.