July 18, 2024

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Home Sweet Home

Make Your Home Sparkle with These 5 Spring Cleaning Tips

These 5 cleaning tips will make your home look sparkly this spring!


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The pandemic has changed how much time we spend at home. Some of us have permanently switched from being regular commuters to being full-time work-from-homers. This means that the homes that lay barren while you were away most of the day are probably going to be untidy much more than they used to be. But just because you’re home more nowadays doesn’t mean that you have more time to devote to cleaning. After all, your schedule is probably even more hectic since you may have to ensure your children are doing assignments for homeschooling, completing your work tasks, and countless other tasks. So how can you keep your house clean, especially if you plan to sell your home this spring? Here are five solid tips to keep your post-pandemic home clean this spring.

Bundle Your Tasks

You may hear insurance, phone, and cable companies telling you to bundle packages. This can help in the cleaning process, also. Instead of cleaning one thing at a time, it’s a good idea to put those multi-tasking skills to good use. For instance, you can prep your loads of clothing and start washing them in the washing machine while washing the dishes in the dishwasher. Then, as those tasks take care of themselves, you can work on dusting and vacuuming. Bundling chores can help you clean your house much faster.

Gather All of Your Cleaning Tools

There’s nothing more frustrating than getting ready to clean only to discover that you are out of a critical cleaning product. For instance, not having washing powder to wash your clothes or running out of dishwashing soap can be a nuisance. So, before you start cleaning your house, it is a good idea to gather all of the items you need so that you won’t have to leave your home to make an impromptu trip to the local supermarket.

Use Products that Make Life Easier

Gone are the days when you had to work hard to scrub away stains and other hard-to-clean items. Instead of preparing to do back-breaking cleaning, try to choose products that help easily loosen up dirt and grime so that you can easily wipe it away. One such product that can make your life easier is an AI vacuum. While you’re doing other tasks, this robot can take care of vacuuming and mopping. Another cheap and environmentally friendly product that helps is vinegar. If you have caked-on food and dirt inside your microwave, placing a bowl of it in the microwave until it boils and letting it stand for a few minutes can make it easy to wipe away the mess. Cleaning with vinegar doesn’t have to stop at the microwave. It can help clean numerous other items in your home including toilets, showers, and glass. The ultimate aim is to seek out products that do most of the work for your so that you can work on other tasks.

Empty All Trash Into One

Instead of running all the trash out of your house, room by room, collecting it all from the various rooms and putting it with the main kitchen trash can help you discard it all at once. It is a good idea to make sure that you’ve done all the sweeping and tossed out all old cans and bottles first so you won’t have to keep taking wads of trash out while you’re cleaning.

Get All Hands on Deck

Instead of allowing your family to watch you clean, get them to help. Unfortunately, the family may give you some opposition, and a few may try to hide. But if you incorporate some attractive incentives in the cleanup process, such as increased allowance or more TV time, you may get some takers.

Final Note

Cleaning may not be one of your favorite tasks. But you can make it easier and quicker by using these hacks. Whether you are deep cleaning or spot cleaning, you can cut your cleaning time down drastically by bundling chores, using better products, and getting help.