April 17, 2024

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Reasons For Leasing Office Space That Has Air Conditioning As Standard

The importance of air conditioning is often over looked when moving to a new office; however a lot of health problems can occur due to poor air quality. This could be anything ranging from headaches to allergic reactions and difficulty breathing.

So it is really important that during an office move managers take the time to look at offices that have an A.C. unit, as a way to ensure employees will be healthy at the new office.

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However, if you are not convinced then here is some more detail about the health problems that can occur in an office without Air conditioning Brisbane.

1)    Firstly, without the right air quality mould and mildew will undoubtedly develop. If this goes unchecked it can cause headaches, fatigue, respiratory problems and an inability to concentrate. This will not only affect the levels of illness in the office but will also lead to a loss in productivity.

2)    Without an A.C. unit the likelihood of an asthma attack will increase. An A.C. unit removes dust and allergens from the air that would otherwise cause asthma attacks, allergic reactions, respiratory symptoms and skin irritation. Dust can also clog up machinery causing them to overheat and then fail.

3)    Air conditioning also removes airborne viruses and bacteria. This is because office air is usually circulated; hence airborne viruses will just gather in stagnant air and then pass from one person to another.

4)    An air conditioning system will also regulate the moisture levels in the office. If the air is too dry this will cause dry skin, dry lips, coughing, and general discomfort. On the other hand too much moisture will make employees uncomfortably warm; this is especially true in the summer.

If you take into account these health risks then if you are moving into a new office, perhaps a Financial District office, then hopefully you will choose one with an air conditioning system already installed.