April 23, 2024

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Deep Cleaning Your Home: 8 Reasons Why It Matters - Home Cleaning Blog

To get the home renovated is as stressful as it is exciting. While you are looking forward to enjoying your new space and new environment inside your home. There is a notable amount of work your way too. Some detailed services require to be done. The renovation process takes months to complete. And when it finally comes to an end, there’s yet one thing to worry about that is cleaning your house thoroughly.

Deep cleaning your house once before you move in after a renovation is a crucial precondition. It saves you much trouble that you might face after moving in. Here is a list of reasons post-renovation cleaning should not be delayed or ignored.

  • To get rid of dust

The renovation process is full of steps that generate a lot of dust around the house. Even places where you would not expect any dirt such as ceilings and hidden corners are often full of dust and dirt once the renovation is over. Living for a long term in a dusty environment can be harmful to breathe in and can damage your belongings. If you have children, they might develop chest infections because of breathing in air full of fine dust. To stop all this from happening, it is important that you either clean your house properly by yourself or hire professional cleaners to do the job.

  • To remove all the footprints

While renovations are in full swing, workers and homeowners tend to be a little careless with paints and other substances that have the potential of leaving marks behind. As a result of this carelessness, along with dust and dirt particles, many footprints are left on the floor surface. You would not want to leave those ugly marks on your newly renovated floors. Would you?

To properly clean your floor and remove all the unwanted marks, it is necessary to have a post-renovation cleaning session. Again you can do this job yourself or can hire an expert cleaner. Although sometimes footprints and marks are so stubborn that they will require different processes to get removed. This is why getting professional help in this matter is advisable.

  • To clean air vents and replace filters

One of the most hard-to-clean places where dust collects during renovations is air vents. This excess dirt will not only make your new house feel filthy but can also lead to many other problems. So, it is better to get rid of it on time rather than regretting it later. You should immediately remove and clean any vents near the area of renovation. If any filters are damaged due to the process of renovation, replace them with new ones.


There is an available option to not deep clean your house before moving in after a renovation. But would you take the risk? Isn’t it better to do the cleaning before you move in? If you will ignore the post-renovation cleanings and set all your furniture inside the house. You will have to reset everything eventually when you notice damaged air filters and dust in your ceilings.