April 23, 2024

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Revolution fabric care: the REFRESH-BUTLER from V-ZUG

The Swiss manufacturers have always been at the forefront of innovative technologies, and they’ve been at it again. V-ZUG, as a leading Swiss brand, has made it possible to bring the functionality of dry cleaners into your home and save up to 80% on your dry-cleaning bill.

Perhaps the cost-savings don’t matter all that much. But the convenience of having unpleasant odours like that of tobacco smoke, oils and public space smells removed from your clothes without a trip to the dry cleaners is a convenience not to be overlooked.

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The V-ZUG Refresh-Butler is not humanised, but it certainly adds convenience to your home or restaurant staff quarter section. Considering how even the slightest crease in a silk shirt can take away from your professional image at a fashion show or client meeting, you’ll want the Refresh-Butler to be part of your home.

After a six-hour flight or three hours of back-to-back meetings, your clothing will begin to show its struggles. But you don’t have to walk into a meeting or live show with creased and smelly clothes. If you have the Refresh-Butler in your office wardrobe or at home, you can quickly get the clothes crisp, clean and odourless.

Add the V-ZUG Refresh-Butler to your lodge rooms, to your holiday home or your guesthouse rooms and facilitate effortless refreshing of fabric items. Using photo-catalysis, the Refresh-Butler combines essential functions like sanitising, odour neutralising, bacterial and crease removal in one futuristic-looking appliance.

The photo-catalysis process uses steam to work its magic, whether for the removal of an unpleasant odour or reduction in creases. It can be used on shirts, blouses, pants, suits, skirts and dresses alike.

Need to maintain a high-level hygienic environment? Then you’ll want to add the V-ZUG Refresh-Butler to your medical practice office wardrobe. With the appliance in place as a medical professional, your clothing will portray your sense of neatness, attention to detail and hygiene because you’ll have a butler in the closet.

Of course, the unit doesn’t have to be built in. You can also opt for the free-standing type and benefit from the available finishing solutions to meet your interior décor needs. This is the best dry-cleaning auto butler for delicate fabrics. Remove signs of wear while getting rid of up to 99,9% of pathogens. It’s fast and effective, even for loads as heavy as 5 kg. With this amazing technology, there’s no physical or mechanical movement while the Refresh-Butler performs its job.

V-ZUG has given an environmentally friendly solution for dry-cleaning at home

What sets the technology apart from many other crease, odour and sanitising appliances is the fact that the Refresh-Butler doesn’t use any chemicals. With such, you don’t have to be concerned about possible allergic reactions. Designer clothing lasts longer because no physical friction is involved. Although you may still have to visit or have your delicate fabrics deep-cleaned at the dry cleaners from time to time, the V-ZUG Refresh-Butler is the perfect companion for quick removal of odours and creases in clothing.

Even use it to refresh clothing that’s been exposed to rain or high humidity environments. Hang the clothing in the wardrobe and the V-ZUG Refresh-Butler will dry the items, sanitise the garments and remove signs of wear.

Don’t throw away shoes exposed to puddles

You can even dry shoes, except for leather and fur finished types. Now you don’t have to throw out an expensive handbag or pair of shoes after exposure to water.

Why is it so effective?

The Refresh-Butler uses steam for gentle lifting and removal of odours. The appliance is not dry-cleaning in the traditional sense, but it’s just as effective. For drying, it uses warm air for circulation around the garments, helping to dry clothes after rain exposure or a quick jog. You can even place long coats in the cupboard, while the shoes can be placed in the bottom basket.

See the Refresh-Butler in action in this video.

Type of apparel

The V-ZUG is specifically applicable to delicate fabrics, towels, and shoes. Whether you use it to remove odours in running shoes, to keep your suits crease-free or to dry a blouse quickly, you’ll love the neatness and discreet placement options.

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