July 18, 2024

Dragon Esdelsur

Home Sweet Home

Serving NYC community over 30 years in home improvement Blogs

CTG Construction is providing home improvement services in NYC over 30 plus years. We are doing home improvement services in the historical neighborhoods, complete brownstone to gut renovation work and working directly with the building landmarks’ preservation agency, abide by landmarks rules, policy, and regulation along with city municipal building code. Not only do we serve the community but work with city government to overcome the challenges of lead in the house. CTG Construction, home improvement services, is a lead paint specialist and certified by EPA and by minimizing the cost to the house owners, through our home to improvement service, we have not only helped the community with their health but make the process easy for the owners by not charging hefty prices.

Build a work plan

One of the standard practices at our home improvement service, CTG Construction, we create a working plan and share that plan with the building owner or a designated person. We go through the plan and ask for any objection they might have with our home to improvement service, then our final goal is to execute our plan. This might not work as expected due to situation rises, but what we like to tell here at the CTG Construction home improvement service is that it is always better than no plan. Our home improvement services plan clearly defines the goals of our work item, along with detailing instructions about how we are going to make them happen. This will help you to meet our goals and let the landlord know how we plan to achieve home improvement services at their premises.

Cover the Legalities

We are licensed, insured, and certified by EPA, Brownstone communities and Landmark preservation communities and our goal is to convince customers to choose CTG construction for their home improvement services over others, then our company shows how credibility and responsibility, and above board by ensuring compliance with all the state and city municipal laws that ensures that you have relevant permits, licenses, and certifications to operate in New York states and city.

Get Insurance

CTG Construction home improvement services license, liability insurance, working men compensation because all of that heavy machinery and those sharp tools can pose a risk to you, our mason and the public. Without insurance in place that could lead to lawsuits, and the end business and jeopardize building owners.

Invest in Tools

Out of several, one of the reasons for doing well crafted home improvement services is the investment we make in buying high-end tools and at our company, we do use plenty of tools and equipment to get the job done. Most of the tools we use our home improvement services company owns it but some we do rent or by leasing them. Whichever option our home improvement services choose, we do not compromise quality with anything in our services.

Hire Mason

Hire Mason Our masons are professionals and are well-trained and experienced in what they do. Our home improvement services have some of the best in the industry who are capable of bringing original details of the structure, and they are able to detail irrespective how it is or not. We are specialized in our work we do because of our mason and special mixing ratio.