July 20, 2024

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Simple and Easy Tips on How to Move When You Have Stairs

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Are you worried about lugging heavy items up and downstairs to move? The important thing to do this is by without damaging your house walls, staircase banisters, or the item you are moving into your new place. There you don’t need to put a herculean effort, just use the right equipment and take the assistance of your friends, who can help you throughout the process. Before moving day, you have to measure the height, width, and depth and keep a record of these measurements. 

Get the right equipments as the selection of right equipments will help you to easily move up and down the stairs, and the most important equipment for this purpose is Hard truck/ utility dolly. This L-shaped two-wheeled cart can be wedged under items and tilted back for the easiest transportation. Be sure to rent a dolly because you won’t be able to control an actual dolly to move the stuff from the stairs. Stair climbing dolly can be manual and battery operated which is used for stairs as two wheels rest on the stairs and the third rotates up to the next step.

By using this device, you can easily transport the equipments up and down by paying $1,000 to $4,000 to purchase a heavy-duty one and between $100 to $200 to rent one for the day. By using moving straps, you can lift heavier items by attaching to a strap that loops under the item you are moving. You can’t arrange the moving straps without any assistance, so ask any of your friend or hire the quality movers to lift the item and arrange the moving straps around it. While using moving straps, the stronger person should be on the bottom since gravity shifts the weight down on stairs.

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