April 22, 2024

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Sony is also reportedly planning to put ads in PlayStation games

Sony Interactive Entertainment is reportedly planning to integrate advertisements in free-to-play games.

According to a new Business Insider report, the move is designed to incentivise developers to continue making free-to-play titles by giving them a way to monetise them.

It’s claimed Sony hasn’t yet decided if it will take a cut of ad revenue, and that it could charge partners for data on consumer behaviour in PlayStation games.

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The platform holder is said to currently be testing a software program that would allow developers to create in-game ads, ahead of their planned introduction later this year.

“The goal is for the ads to appear like they’re part of the game, like digital billboards in sports stadiums,” the report claims. “Formats could include ads that give viewers rewards for watching ads and promotions for in-game items like avatar skins.”

Business Insider recently reported that Microsoft is cooking up similar plans to put adverts in free to play games, which may not involve the Xbox maker taking a cut of ad revenue.

Last summer, FIFA publisher Electronic Arts denied reports that it was planning to include in-game video ads in its console games.

“Following incorrect reports suggesting that we are looking to introduce ‘TV-style’ commercials into our games, we wanted to clarify that in-game advertising for console games is not something we’re currently looking at, or have signed any agreements to implement,” an EA spokesperson said. “Creating the best possible player experience remains our priority focus.”


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