A neutral color palette is typically the safest choice when it comes to a clean, modern design. But in the right hands, neutral tones can act as a simple foundation from which the designer can take big, bold leaps. In this home, white and off-white set off big splashes of burgundy red, deep blue, and even black. Without the calming neutrals, these bolder choices could come off as too loud or garish, but here, a balance is struck and the result is sophisticated with a pop of playfulness.

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The Secret Garden project is a bright and uplifting modern family home located in Rome, Italy, designed by Maurizio Giovannoni. The homeowners’ initial brief called for a redistribution of space to accommodate their lively family, including an open plan living room, a private home office, a personalised room for each of their two children, and the instatement of a terrace door from the master bedroom. Bold colour became the integral aspect in the renewal and recharge of the family home interior, with dynamic colour combinations creating upbeat contrast in every direction. An invigorating connection to nature was planted via a faux “secret garden”, observed through a fun porthole window in the home office.

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Murals by designer Raji Radhakrishnan replicate classical scenes in present-day spaces

Fresh from a stint living in Palo Alto where she was surrounded by modernist spaces, designer Raji Radhakrishnan of Raji RM & Associates was standing amidst the grandeur of Versailles on holiday when an idea struck her. “I was in a moment of flux about classical versus modern design,” she recalls. She imagined juxtaposing a grand, classical room with modern furnishings—but how to recreate the sumptuousness that characterizes those Old World European spaces?

Her own photographs supplied the answer. “It was the details I had captured in the ceiling frescoes and paintings on the walls,” Radhakrishnan reveals. “I realized I could blow up these photographs almost to room size to create classical backdrops.”

Thus, Raji RM Murals was born. The collection currently comprises 17 classical scenes—whittled down by the DC designer from hundreds of digital photographs and adjusted for

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A design team pumps up the volume in an Adams Morgan penthouse with cutting-edge lighting and streamlined architecture

Since launching FORMA Design 25 years ago, Andreas Charalambous has split his time between residential and commercial work. So when a client tapped him to renovate a penthouse that would bridge both of these worlds, the architect jumped at the challenge.

The owner, an entrepreneur who resides in Maryland, acquired the Adams Morgan apartment to serve as an urban pied-à-terre and a workspace for his real estate and entertainment companies. “I wanted a way to collaborate with staff in a non-sterile environment—something cutting edge,” he explains.

Client and architect saw potential in the two-story loft that features panoramic city views, two en-suite bedrooms, dual terraces and a roof deck. But aesthetically, it was woefully outdated. “The apartment had an ’80s or ’90s vibe and an explosion of cherry wood on the countertops,

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Designer Dane Austin deftly marries eclectic furnishings and an unexpected palette of textures and colors in a Logan Circle condo

Any designer will tell you that trust is pivotal to a successful project. Nowhere is this important ingredient more evident than in a Logan Circle condo where the owner gave designer Dane Austin carte blanche. The eye-catching and ingenious results are a tribute to both the designer’s skill and his strong relationship with his client. “This was the third project we worked on together,” observes Austin. “There was a lot of trust between us.”

When the homeowner, a communications executive, purchased the two-bedroom unit in a vintage brownstone, he tapped Austin to overhaul the kitchen and bathrooms and make the space more livable, planning on an extensive redesign when he could afford it. However, fate played a hand when, shortly after the renovation in 2017, a fire in the building

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