The Belgian Embassy residence welcomes visitors with a special blend of hospitality and history

With its serene Beaux Arts symmetry, the Belgian Embassy residence on Foxhall Road conjures the elegance and refinement of a Parisian mansion—set amid 10 acres of rolling landscape.

This is intentional. Commissioned in 1930 by Anna Dodge Dillman, the widow of auto tycoon Horace Dodge, it is the precise replica of a 1704 palace still standing in Paris today. Dillman tapped French decorators to fill the home with Louis XIV and Louis XV Revival furnishings and decorative objects, then gifted it all to her newly married daughter—who departed when her husband died soon after the marriage.

Even more interesting than these personal details are those of the house itself. For many years, the impeccably designed mansion was said to have been built by Horace Trumbauer, a popular Gilded Age architect. Yet it was actually designed by

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