black double pocet doors with glass

Interior doors can bring dramatic change to any room, creating quieter space and adding privacy. A pocket door is a type of interior door that offers excellent solutions to people with small rooms and open-plan spaces that need more privacy. These stylish, practical, and space-saving doors have long been popular because they “disappear” into a wall. So there’s no swinging door in either adjoining room. Pocket doors should ideally glide easily on the overhead tracks to open up your space, whether small or massive.

Hidden white bookcase pocket door

As living spaces become smaller, home designers, builders, and owners are constantly looking for innovative and beautiful ways to make their rooms spacious and appealing without spending thousands on home rebuilds and remodels. This Is where pocket doors come in! They are an excellent solution, especially for contemporary open-plan floors, because they can be closed off or left open to create a flowing layout.

If you

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Double glazing is an efficient way to keep heat energy in the home, reducing the amount you have to spend on your energy bills in the long run. Since it’s been around for a while now, there are a wide range of double glazing designs that can be used for windows.

Each of these types of double glazing has different properties that can work in varying situations. Here is our guide to the different types of double glazing, and the advantages you might find with each type.

Annealed (or Float) Glass

Annealed glass, also known as float glass, is ideal for the cost effective replacement of your double glazed windows. While annealed glass is lacks the stricter health and safety concerns that many other types of double glazing have taken into account as it shards into long strips of glass once broken, it is a cheaper alternative for many.


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I don’t think I’m alone in thinking that designing a kitchen is an overwhelming undertaking. I’m an interior designer and even I find it stressful to iron out all of those details. So, when it comes time to design a kitchen I always like to partner with a kitchen designer to make sure I’m remembering all of those little details. For my personal home project, I fell in love with a cabinet style and color from Diamond Brands which is a division of Masterbrand and is currently available at Lowes. Like everyone else I have been at Lowes tackling many home improvement projects, but I had never designed a kitchen with them before. I was excited to get the project going and work with a Lowes kitchen designer! They eat, sleep, dream kitchens! I went to my favorite Lowes in Hicksville, NY one evening to check out the cabinet doors

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These words hit home like crazy, as my mother and her death last summer still hang heavy over me. I can’t make peace with the feelings of pain and sadness, the injustice of it all, even my own guilt that I wasn’t able to really be there during her final year of life, thanks to Corona. I held her hand in the end but still. It wasn’t enough for me. It wasn’t enough for her, she didn’t understand why I wasn’t by her bedside in the hospital for a year, why I was only doing video calls and not there. Her dementia didn’t allow her to understand what Covid, lockdowns and restrictions did to keep me away from her. I still feel so much sadness around it all, like it happened yesterday.

What on earth is wrong with me? It’s been NINE MONTHS. Why does it feel so fresh?


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Your roof protects not only your home, but everything and everyone below it. When a roof fails, it can be a traumatizing event. After all, what can you do when a tree falls onto your home in the middle of the night or if your ceiling suddenly collapses from an undetected leak? Roof disasters can be frightening and stressful especially when they occur suddenly and, often, at the worst possible time.

Fortunately, anyone who faces a roof emergency is not alone, many metropolitan areas have roofers who offer 24/7 emergency roof services (like Atlanta Roofing Specialists) and can apply emergency measures to temporarily stop further damage until proper roof repairs can be applied.

What Exactly Is An Emergency Roof Repair?

When your roof is compromised, water damage can be immediate and progressively destructive, not just to the roof, but to the structure itself. To minimize further damage, the source of

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