2022 Chequered design trends feature both classic and modern approach in using this pattern. A checkerboard pattern is elegant, beautiful and can easily add flair to your interior.

Chequerboard Pattern – 2022 Trends in Home Interiors

Home Decor and Accessories Ideas 2022 Chequered Design Trends


Many interior design trends come and go, but some remain popular for so long that it is hard to imagine the industry without them. The use of geometric patterns is one of those trends. The reason for the popularity of geometric shapes is that they are versatile. They can fit into any interior, regardless of style. Ovals, squares, chevron, rectangles, hexagons are not losing their popularity. The chequerboard pattern is one of the top 2022 trends in home interiors.

In the design of modern interiors, various patterns and ornaments are used. Decorative plaster, plain wall painting and panels are gaining more and more popularity. However, in the absence of ornament and patterns, the

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Destanni Henderson has gone from a WNBA prospect to a possible first-rounder. All it took was 40 minutes Sunday.

The Fort Myers High School graduate has seen a career-best performance in the final game of her South Carolina career, a 64-49 NCAA championship game victory over UConn, reverberating in her pursuits as a professional basketball player, social media personality, and entrepreneur.

“It’s still busy, still living in the moment, and people are so excited, especially coming back to school,” Henderson said Friday. “It feels really good to be back on campus and to feel the love that everybody has for our team and what we’ve accomplished.”

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Henderson won’t

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Adapting to a jet black colour is easy when it comes to clothing and hair, so why hesitate when it comes to home interiors?

Black Floors are the easiest way to elevate your style and say a lot without having to decorate. You can get a really classy, subtle and sophisticated finish to your home with a black floor.

When we think of decorating and reinventing our homes, we don’t pay close attention to our flooring. We often just pick tiles that have high utility, aren’t slippery and go for that. But black flooring can be a simple change that easily makes your home more stylish and sophisticated to look at.

What’s The Hype?

  1. Black floors can really bring a lot of character to the room. You can easily go from having an open, boring space to a much more brought together room.
  2. Black floors can be accessorised easily. Add
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CityU's research found clothes dryers are an overlooked source of airborne microfibers
CityU research finds that a single clothes dryer can discharge up to 120 million microfibres annually, which is 1.4 to 40 times of that from washing machines. Credit: Danyang Tao et al.

It is well known that washing clothes can release a large number of microfibers into wastewater, but it is unclear whether drying of clothes would have any impact on the environment. A pilot study by scientists from City University of Hong Kong (CityU) reports that a single clothes dryer can discharge up to 120 million microfibers annually—1.4 to 40 times of that from washing machines. To control the release of these harmful airborne microfibers, the team suggested that additional filtration systems should be installed for dryer vents as soon as possible.

Dr. Zhang Kai, former Research Associate of the State Key Laboratory of Marine Pollution (SKLMP) in CityU and Professor Leung Mei-yee, Director of SKLMP and Chair Professor

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There’s nothing more frustrating than when you have all these excellent meal prep ideas, excitedly drive to the grocery store, get all the items on your list (with the full intention of getting your life together and having a great meal plan throughout the week), only to get too lazy or busy to make them and the majority be left to spoil. If I had a dollar for every time that has happened to me, I would have enough money to replace my spoiled food! However, you don’t have to live a hectic life and make food with random ingredients in your fridge or make several trips to the store because you can’t keep up with a schedule. There is a more effortless and longer-lasting way to store food, thanks to the vacuum sealer. So, if you’re someone looking to keep food and make proper meal preparations, then this is

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