Designer Breeze Giannasio puts a fresh spin on tradition in a vintage Palisades abode

The lure of a house with a yard can be powerful even for dedicated urbanites, once kids arrive on the scene. This was certainly the case for Amalie Weber and Michael Frantzinger, who finally tired of squeezing themselves and two boys into their beloved downtown DC apartment and decided to make a move. They gravitated to the Palisades neighborhood where the kids, then five and seven, were already enrolled in school. “It was as close to the suburbs as I was willing to get,” laughs Weber.

The couple, both attorneys, are modernists at heart—so Northwest DC’s traditional enclaves required an adjustment. What’s more, leaving behind light-filled contemporary living spaces didn’t make the transition any easier. “We were looking mostly for that ‘it’ factor,” reveals Weber. “Also, a lot of houses here are enormous, and I didn’t

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