Possibly essentially the most traditional transfer to make the Taylor home feel like a normal home had been the mismatched dishes in their cupboards. It looks like a small detail, and it is, however it’s also an important one. This occurs as youngsters break dishes and also you pick up new ones, slowly leaving you with an odd melange of plates, bowls and such. Having these mismatched dish sets House & Home Improvement round was a key step in making the Taylor house feel like a home. Detroit pride elements closely into the collection, which is no surprise since Tim Allen moved to Michigan along with his family when he was 11. Allen’s TV alter ego Tim Taylor is incredibly happy with dwelling in Detroit however that’s not the place the Taylor home actually was.

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Casa Tau Resort in Mexico is a stunning luxury holiday destination, which also featured as the picture perfect location for outrageous Netflix series ‘Too Hot To Handle’. Everybody on the show was equally photogenic, and very single. The twist? To win the $100,000 prize fund, the scantily clad contestants could flirt as much as they liked but kissing and ANY X-rated touching were completely off-limits! The cast and crew spent 30 days on the shores of the prestigious Punta Mita Community in Los Ranchos, making use of twelve en-suite bedrooms, accommodations for twenty-seven, and spacious indoor/outdoor areas.

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