Architect David Peabody conceives Fairfax City’s 
first net-zero-energy home with a 
sleek, modern aesthetic

Alexandria architect David Peabody only designs green projects—trying, as he says, “to make buildings that are as benign as possible.” So it made sense for an Alexandria couple wanting to build an energy-efficient residence to call him first.

In fact, the electrical engineer and his wife approached Peabody with a request that pushed the sustainability envelope farther than most. “They wanted a zero energy-ready structure that could handle the home’s needs, plus those of one car and a hot tub,” the architect explains. “They wanted to employ passive-house methodology.”

Peabody designed the contemporary structure in cube form—a shape that optimizes surface/volume ratio to lower energy loss. Two sloped, south-facing roofs support ample solar panels, while a central core bisects the cube; high clerestory windows bring ventilation and northern light to the home’s center.

Peabody incorporated a

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