April 17, 2024

Dragon Esdelsur

Home Sweet Home

The drama of filling in a pool

I don’t think I can properly convey to you the stress and drama of filling in this pool.

It was cracked, non-compliant and not able to be fixed upon buying the house. I knew it was going to be a challenge, but not the worst (but indeed it WAS the worst!).

I underestimated so many things…

  1. The council requires approval (DA) and they will monitor what goes in the pool. Fair enough too. But I did think we’d be able to put the concrete path in the pool as fill, but nope. Every single council is different on this stance. I know because I researched and even engaged a solicitor. There is no hard and fast rule (NSW there is, but locally they differ for some reason). Always check your local rules.
  2. All the concrete and shell had to be completely removed and taken to the tip. This does cost money in tip fees. It took a lot of work to rip up concrete and smash up a fibreglass pool shell. 
  3. Before I go any further can I point out this ALL had to be done MANUALLY. There is no side access. None. Only big enough for a wheelbarrow. No dingo, kanga (or the like) would fit. Believe me this was explored over and over. The neighbour said no to using their yard and taking down a fence. There was no option except for physical hard labour using a jack hammer and a wheelbarrow.
  4. We did hire a crane for a few hours to help lift out some of the concrete. But it was minimal.
  5. The work was pretty much done by me and a mate. We did hire 2 young kids to come in and help periodically. I personally was unwell at the time so paying some fit and healthy young kids good $$ was so worth it.
  6. Clean fill was required. This caused headaches because you have to get the actual fill. Luckily I knew a pool business that could dump dirt, but they could only do it when they had it so it was a waiting game (and trying to avoid bad weather at the same time).
  7. The fill was dumped in a few stages. 2 loads arrived and then a few days later it rained so much the fill became unusable. Then we had to get it all taken away and start again. 
  8. All up there were about 5 loads of usable clean fill delivered.
  9. We used the bobcat to lift the fill in to the wheelbarrows (at least we could do that and not use shovels!). Over a period of about a week or two we pushed the wheelbarrows around the back and filled the pool in.

These tyre tracks (because someone picked up on this and I assume they think I am making this up!!) were from the craned over excavator that put some concrete in big bulk bags and lifted them over the house. Only hired them for a few hours. It’s expensive! I don’t have a photo of this because I was in hospital at the time.

We didn’t hire them to do the dirt because they said it’s not worth it –

Still had to put the dirt IN something to crane over. Like a bulk bag. Still would have had to be dumped, then shovelled out of the bags, then in to the pool. So was still a lot of labour and added expense. It was not going to be the answer.

The front of the house was a mess for weeks. Or months even. The poor neighbours were over it.

I remember cleaning up the driveway for days, and even late in to the night. 

Would I fill a pool in again? Yes, but I would need side yard access. So a bobcat can do the work.

Now I know the process it’s ok. Cost wise it was pretty cheap. I have never worked so hard in my life. I thought The Block was hard, this was worse. So I literally feel like I can do anything now! Bring it on.