September 22, 2023

Dragon Esdelsur

Home Sweet Home

The Secret is in the Savings

You know the iconic pink and black bag the minute you see it.  It’s launched the imagination of a million boys and fueled the fantasies of even more girls who dream of angel wings and stilettos on catwalks.  But fortunately for them, the brand now represents all the alluring aspects of femininity, so “eyes up here.”  It’s time to take another look at Victoria’s Secret.  She’s ready to tell all.  And the first thing you should know is that there are great deals on those signature bras, panties and sleepwear when you use a Groupon to purchase them.  If there’s a secret at all, it’s they can be used online and in store, but it says that on the Groupon website.  What does matter is this; you can save as much as 50% off the Pink Collegiate collection and even more on selected sale items by using a Groupon, and you can qualify for free shipping.

Victoria’s Secret has come a long way from the bosom-heaving, Victorian bordello persona that was the signature style in its early days.  After all, the brand started because the founder was embarrassed to shop for lingerie for his wife, and spent years studying lingerie brands and marketing, before opening a store.  At first it catered to men who wanted something that was sexier than the three-pack of grannie panties in racks shoved in a corner and the feather boa stripper look sold by Fredrick’s of Hollywood type stores.  Now that the brand has routinely grossed in the billions, playing dress up has lost its appeal.  Turning to real women for real inspiration, the brand now offers a more natural approach to selling its brand than the “lady in the streets/hooker in the sheets” approach of yesteryear.

And with athleisure wear taking over the top spot in women’s apparel sales, a foray into that segment was a natural fit.  Women looking for comfortable, stylish active wear that moves from the office to the class room to the gym with a minimum of wardrobe changes love the flexible nature of Victoria Sport.  And their line of cosmetics is just as popular.

As summer heats up, if you’re ready to strip down to the basics at home and the beach, the secrets out – shop Groupon for the sexiest lingerie at the best prices.