July 17, 2024

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These New Spring Collections Are Excellent – Check Out Our Favorites From Them All

It’s never not the coolest feeling when the people you know and/or EXTREMELY admire come out with a new design collection. Even though you had literally not a single thing to do with it, you can’t help but to beam with pride and want to shout about it from the rooftops…which is exactly what we are doing today. The only difference is that I am writing instead of shouting which I think we can all agree that is a far better way to share any kind of news. Now clearly most of these “friends” are friends of Emily (except a very special one at the end). But I have been a big ole fan of these designers for a while so in my dreams they are my friends too:) Creepy? Maybe. Anyway, buckle y’all because your blood sugar is about to rise with all this eye candy you are about to consume…

This one nearly knocked me off my chair when I saw the announcement. I am a FANGIRL of Lawson-Fenning. Every time I’m on their site the word “someday” is on repeat in my head. I was introduced to them through Emily and have never looked back. Remember her sofa? She’s purchased many things from them over the years but that one was the showstopper. Actually, our good friend Sarah Zachary-Jones, works for Lawson-Fenning and uses their pieces all the time! If you haven’t seen her latest project GO NOW.

This collaboration with CB2 is “modern California” at its best in my opinion. You get the organic materials with really cool, modern shapes. The collection is huge and it was very hard to narrow down my favorites but these are at least some of them. But please go look at the whole spread.

1. Ventura Notched Tall Oak Bookshelf | 2. Cojo Bullseye Travertine Tray | 3. La Piedra Backless Brown Leather Bar Stools | 4. Palo Verde Travertine and Walnut Wood Floor Lamp | 5. Anacapa Saddle Leather Lounge Chair | 6. Altadena Oak Coffee Table | 7. Tenon Wood Bed | 8. Fallon Round Leather Tray | 9. Inyo Salton and Mojave Wall Art (Set of 3) | 10. Capistrano Wood and Glass Flush Mount Light | 11. Muir Grey Woven Swivel Chair | 12. Monte Nido Oak Secretary Desk

As soon as I saw that bookshelf (#1) I frantically looked around my apartment to see if I had a place for it. Sadly, I don’t nor does it totally work with the style of my vision, but BOY is it a magnificent piece. If someone gets it can you send me pics of how you styled it?? The stools are perfection, that coffee table is quiet yet SO SICK, and the secretary desk is very reminiscent of the vintage cabinet Sarah used in her client’s dining room. Now you can get something very similar if you too fell in love with that piece. I’ve had to stop myself multiple times from buying both of the trays. Those holes and the leather accent on the wood one are so good. And I really have my eye on the blue art piece for my living room (they also are sold individually). Can you tell I like this collection? So while it isn’t inexpensive, it’s far more budget-friendly than shopping at Lawson-Fenning itself. I love that it’s a little more accessible but of course still beautiful.

Not her first collection (obviously) but Leanne just doesn’t know how to miss. I love this new collection. It’s still in that classic California Causal style we all love from her but with some real knockout pieces. Everything she designs just makes me feel at ease. So let’s take a collective deep breath and relax into this collection.

1. Haldeman Pine Wood Bookcase with Cabinet | 2. Ziggy White Upholstered Office Chair | 3. Black Ceramic Table Lamps with Woven Shade | 4. Pebble White Indoor/Outdoor Concrete Coffee Table | 5. Cortez Charcoal Credenza | 6. Dahlia 23″x23″ Boucle Thin Stripe Outdoor Pillow | 7. Noon Floor Lamp | 8. Martini Boucle Backless Counter Stool | 9. Haldeman Pine Wood Credenza

Another bookshelf that put me in an overstimulated design state. Those feet! AH! The cool thing about this bookshelf, in particular, is that you can add to it to make it as big as you want. Fill the whole length of your wall if that’s your heart’s desire. Again, if you get this please send pics. Then get a load of that boucle chair. The shape is insane. It says it’s an office chair but I think it could also be a cool accent chair. Oh, and the boucle counter stool! How chic. Now, I don’t know how easy it is to clean but for a child and dog/cat-less house I’m in. Also, it’s no surprise that the lighting in this collection is the coolest. Leanne knows how to design lighting. If you are in need of some texture, baby, grab either of these awesome fixtures.

It was my first time hearing about TOV furniture when these designers started posting about this collaboration. I can’t tell you how excited I was to check it out and let me tell you it’s such a special one. There’s an incredible array of styles and designs yet they all really work together! I’m sure most of you are aware of the great Carmeon Hamilton and Justin Q. Williams from DesignStar: Next Gen, but all six designers are incredibly talented and it very much shows in each of their collection of pieces. So before we get into their designs, let me introduce you to them so you can go and follow them!

Carmeon Hamilton | Nile Johnson

Nicole White | Don Ricardo Massenburg

Justin Q. Williams | Erika Ward

1. Etta Black Coffee Table by Carmeon Hamilton | 2. Ava Four Poster Bed by Erika Ward | 3. Adu Snow White 4-Drawer Chest by Carmeon Hamilton | 4. Durwin Champagne Velvet Bed by Don Riccardo Massenburg | 5. Simone Chocolate Brown Credenza by by Carmeon Hamilton | 6. Mavis Cinnamon Velvet Bench by Nicole White | 7. Ayanna Midnight Velvet Accent Chair by Don Riccardo Massenburg | 8. Abreeyah Beige Velvet Sofan by Nile Johnson | 9. Alon Espresso Media Console by Justin Q. Williams

I mean it’s good, right?! And this is only a sampling. While I love pieces from all the designers, Carmeon’s pieces really spoke to my style. I LOVE her coffee table (that also comes in a side table version too). Sculptural, minimal but perfectly bold. The same goes for her white drawer chest and brown credenza. Now let’s talk about these statement beds! That four poster bed by Erika Ward is so awesome. I love the mixed materials, the fluted, AND those finials on the top of each post are awesome. So much detail yet sleek and modern. The other bed by Don Riccardo Massenburg is post-modern heaven! Those oversized tubes are too freaking cool. And for that price, it’s a steal. Again, it’s all GOOD.

Like Leanne, the only thing surprising here is that she was able to do another collaboration (you saw her massive Lulu and Georgia one, right?) this year. However, this time it’s for the kids but if I’m honest here’s a fair amount that could easily go into a *cough* adult’s room. It’s beautiful, whimsical, and of course trend-forward. Let’s dive in…

1. Scalloped Nightstand | 2. Mobile Chandelier | 3. Faux Fur Star Pillow | 4. Samuel Rainbow & Clouds Mobile | 5. Snake Rug | 6. Arches Bunk Bed | 7. Organic Shapes Sconce | 8. Scalloped Crib | 9. Forest Swaddle Set

This collection makes me want to design a nursery so bad. This color palette is so dreamy to me. Also, the crib with the scalloped detail (that’s also convertible to a toddler bed), that mobile, star pillow, SCONCE. It’s all so freaking cute. I also don’t know what I would have done as a child (or now) if that had been my bunk bed. It’s INCREDIBLE. Sarah just continues to design such cool and special collections. What will she do next?!

photo via fülhaus

SURPRISE! This was the collection where I could say I ALSO knew the designer! It’s not just in my head:) Here our very own EHD alum, Brady Tolbert, expertly curated three collections with the brand Fülhaus. What’s even more special is that if you love any of these pieces but can’t swing the full price, you can rent them! Don’t let the prices below deter you if they are out of your current budget. So yes, you can get a home curated by the one and only Brady but for a price tag that’s potentially much more doable. We are all so pumped for him so let’s get into some of these pieces…

1. Lyla Chair | 2. Vanda 1-Drawer Nightstand | 3. Busaba Matte Black Table Lamp | 4. Arc Matte Black Floor Lamp | 5. Natalia Bed | 6. Aliza End Table | 7. Dandria Pillow | 8. Orson Gray Sofa | 9. Omni Dining Table

That chair is so simple and cool (and comes in a sofa version too)! We also all know the struggle of finding a great nightstand with storage and this one is very chic, has storage, AND is only $58. Win-win-win. Speaking of bedrooms, can you handle that modern rattan bed?! The contrast of the natural, textured rattan paired with those modern delicate black curves is stunning and totally what Brady’s style is all about. It’s all just beautiful and there’s lots more so head to his collection page asap. CONGRATS, BRADY!

photo by lily glass | via oh joy!

It’s not just all home decor today because we couldn’t not include OhJoy’s newest clothing collection with The ODells. First off, we love Joy Cho and I technically met her once at this very cool Pinterest event the EHD team went to back in 2018 (this was the hotel we got to stay at where all my design dreams came true). I just remember she was talking about her home renovation which she either hadn’t yet or just announced to the world. Time really just flies! Anyway, Emily is actually friends with Joy and it is always so fun to see the incredible things she creates…including this line of clothing. Not only that but I personally LOVE The ODells brand and used to live right by their shop in Silver Lake. Their pieces are quality and I know this collection is exactly that and equally as cute. Let’s talk about some of these pieces.

1. Angie Dress | 2. Courtney Cardigan | 3. Nicole Skirt | 4. Coco Top | 5. Bobby Pant | 6. Jess Dress

Probably my favorite piece of the collection is the Courtney Cardigan. It’s timeless, fun, and just looks cozy. On the site, it says that it pairs well with the Jess Dress which I don’t disagree:) Do I need to buy the dress since it’s named after me?? Just kidding, it’s not named after me but it is super cute and looks like the perfect dress to throw on, go, and look great. I also really love the Coco Top which I’m assuming was named after her daughter since the matching skirt is named the Ruby Skirt (her other daughter’s name). So sweet! Go check out all of her collection to see the rest!

That’s it! Hope you enjoyed seeing all these inspiring pieces as much as we did. And if you are decorating and need some new pieces we highly recommend looking at these first. So what do you think? What are your favorite pieces?? Let’s talk!

Love you, mean it.

Opening Image Credit: Photo via West Elm Kids